Peace comes when death visits

En gammel historie jeg skrev for laaaaang tid siden. Den ahndler om to piger der er hinandens totale modsætninger, men alligevel til overraskelse for alle, så har det to piger et hemmeligt forhold.


1. Peace comes when death visits


Jeg ved ikke helt om jeg skal bygge videre på den eller om jeg bare skal skrive den forny og bedre, men skriv hvad i syns og det skal blive gjort! :D

When I was in 8th grade, there was this girl in my class, I no longer recall her name, no one does, only her face and gentle voice. She always was the best at everything and had the highest grades. Sports, math, languid, science, history, art, you name it! Even in looks she would have victory. She looked like an angel with her blue orbs and long blond hair. Her body was slim and fine. If she stood still long enough, you could easily confuse her with a doll.

But no one thought of her as a geek or anything, only as a sweet and caring girl. Everyone liked her. No matter what color skin, no matter the environment you came from, no matter what sex you would appeal to, she wouldn’t treat you any different. And if you had a problem, then you could always come to her and she would listen to you and give you advice, no matter the subject.

No matter where she looked, or who she looked at, her eyes always shined and she would smile a little. She was friendly with everyone who knew her, even if she didn’t know you. She always helped those, who couldn’t understand. She always helped those who didn’t see the beauty in the world. She even once talked one of the older students out of suicide!

She got many love confessions, but she declined them all and helped them find “the one”. She always said that if she ever was to have a lover, then that person only had to love her for that person she was and that was all she wanted, nothing more, which was very easy to do. No matter how many times people confessed to her, she would always just smile at them and tell them:” I’m sorry, but I’m not the one for you.”

She had many friends, not just friends, but real friends. Although one of her friends in particular, you could always find near her. Her name was Chanel, and where ever the girl was you would be sure to find Chanel two or five meters away.

Chanel was known to be very territorial and easily become jealous. If you became her boyfriend, then you could kiss your friends goodbye and never have time to yourself again. That’s how it was to be Chanel’s boyfriend. Chanel was black, very black. Even in mind. She had bad grates and no one really liked her. She was a bit fat and when the light was right, she would look like something that was sent from hell. She was the complete opposite of the white angel, but she was yet to be the blonde angel’s best friend.


They say that the good dies first.

One day in 9th grade, she wasn’t there, which was very rare for her. She hadn’t had one day sick in all 9 years I had known her. Bu that day, she wasn’t there. Even Chanel didn’t know where she was.

After school a few of her closest friends and I, when over to her place to see if she was okay.

I asked Chanel if she wanted to come along, but she said that she had some stuff to do. My first thought was that they had had an argument or a disagreement, because it was strange for Chanel not wanting to be with the girl or to know where she was. Now that I think about it, it was quit strange for Chanel not knowing what happened to the girl or where she was....

But then I thought, disagree with that girl? Have an argument with her? That’s not possible!

Or so I thought…

Once we got in to her home there was complete silence. Her mother was at work, like always, and her father was on a business trip. So we thought that she was sleeping in her room.

But none of us had expected to see, what we saw once we entered her room.

She was lying in her bed, looking like the sleeping beauty, apart from the solidified blood that had run from her wrists and down on the floor. Her eyes were slightly closed and the water blue orbs looked blank. Her skin was paler that usual and her long, soft, blond, hair, that made her look like angel not a Barbie, was sped over the pillow, looking lifeless.

Her room was clean and neat, and the only thing that lay on her desk was a note with the name “Chanel” on it.

A guy opened the note and read it out loud, while the rest of us just stood there frozen with shock:”

Dear Chanel,

I know you don’t want me, and I know that you would rather spend the rest of your life alone, instead of living it with someone, who is trying to save the world from itself and the people in it.

I know now that you don’t love me, like I love you. I know that you don’t think you will ever get accepted. And I know that you are buried in the darkness, and hate the sun.

But I hope you one day will wake up and rice towards the sun, like that flower you are, because you are beautiful. And I hope that someday you will see the beauty in the world.

I know that you don’t want me and that you want someone who has the time to be with you. But without you by my side, the world isn’t as beautiful as before… so I’m leaving this world. Not for my sake, but for yours, because in the next world, no one needs to be saved. Then we can be together.

I will always love you.”

Two days later, the police found Chanel’s dead body out in the forest with nothing with her, but a pen and a paper saying:” I see the sun now, and it’s beautiful. I love you too”


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