Portal to another world

When Ruby dies she gets access to another world. One thing is different there, every creature is a blood-sucking vampire. No human can enter this unique world as venom in a vampires body lets them through. The Portal is the only way in and out.
Before she was turned, Ruby was a big fan of Twilight and she had always wondered what it would be like to be a real vampire. She soon discovers that the vampire life she wanted so much is actually living hell. Her only help through this life is a mad vampire scientist, a mysterious other and Jaden. Will she make it in this life? Read on to find out.


3. What happened to the body

Jaden smelt the blood and couldn't help himself. He was heading back to his house when the smell hit him, he saw the body lying in the road and and the blood that pooled around her. A man got in his car and drove off and he grabbed the body and dragged it into the woods behind. As a young(ish) vampire it would have hard for Jaden not to drink blood after he'd smelt it; the smell would have driven him insane. He cleared up the blood from the road at vampire speed and headed into the woods with his prize.

This was Jaden's first kill that he had caught himself, without any help from friends or his mentor. He drained the body and then had to find somewhere to hide it. He found a hollow tree and stashed it there and blocked the entrance with heavy branches.

Jaden sat behind against the tree feeling like a new man. He was feeling as high as a kite. No thirst. No hunger. Nothing - just pure happiness. For vampires, blood is like a drug; you drink it and feel great, but when that feeling wears off you need more.

He didn't like the thought of taking human lives, so when the high wore off he always felt guilty. He had nowhere to be, he still had another hour until his curfew (set by the vampire council - not people to mess with). It was getting late and Jaden felt tired so he decided to take a short nap. Vampires still need sleep, but the older you are, the less you need, as Jaden was so young he still needed just as much rest as a human. 

He woke to the sound of a scream. He heard it again - it was coming from inside the tree. It was the girl. But she's dead, thought Jaden. He suddenly realised that the girl was turning into a vampire. Not all vampires can turn others into their own kind. He knew then that he must be one of the last few who have the ability. His venom must have done it, how else?

He dragged the body out of the tree and ran at a blinding speed, all the while carrying the body, to his human house. He went up the creaky stairs into his 'bedroom' and opened the empty wardrobe. He pressed him hand into the wood and it started to glow, then the portal formed. He stepped through with Ruby in his arms into the vampire world - Mundus pars lamia.


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