Portal to another world

When Ruby dies she gets access to another world. One thing is different there, every creature is a blood-sucking vampire. No human can enter this unique world as venom in a vampires body lets them through. The Portal is the only way in and out.
Before she was turned, Ruby was a big fan of Twilight and she had always wondered what it would be like to be a real vampire. She soon discovers that the vampire life she wanted so much is actually living hell. Her only help through this life is a mad vampire scientist, a mysterious other and Jaden. Will she make it in this life? Read on to find out.


12. Part 2 - The solution

I will never forgive them for forcing me to do that. Jack or Jaden, whatever, my best friend betrayed me.

Although the thirst has gone. I feel much better. I hate it when he's right. Maybe he did a good thing by turning me into a vampire. My family don't have to deal with me dying and I get to carry on living my life. The person I should be blaming is the man who hit me with his car...and drove off! I will find him one day. Teach him a lesson about pain.

Now I just need to go home and deal with my mum. She's going to KILL me. That's the main thing to worry about until I next have to feed.

"You can go home in a minute, Ruby. First, I have a few things to explain. I need you to go to Jaden's house every few days to hunt, this will keep your thirst at bay and the people around you safe. You can eat human food, but you don't need it. You don't need to worry about feeding for another few days.

If you're feeling weak just give Jaden a call. It should be easy enough to act natural, just don't run. If you cause too much trouble then the Vampire Council will...dispose of you. If you think you can do that, then you may go." 

"That sounds doable."

Is that really all I need to know?! Is there not a handbook or something?

Going back into the real world. Okay Ruby, you can do it. Just act natural. Home.

"Wait, Ruby. Can I walk you home?" Jaden wants to walk me home? Yes, that's normal. We should get back to being friends.

"Yeah you can Jaden. That'd be...nice."

He's still got the same dazzling smile, oh I missed that smile. I really missed him. Stop thinking about him Ruby. Talk.

"How far is home?"

"Not far. A minute if we walk at vampire speed or about ten at human speed."

A short amount of time with Jaden, or a longer time. Well I guess...

"Let's walk at human speed, I want to spend time with you. We need to talk."

"I agree. So why don't you ask your question first."

Vampire powers.

"Do some vampires get special powers like in Twilight?"

Laughter. Beautiful laughter.

"Actually we do, but they aren't mind reading or seeing visions. I have met a vampire who became super suuuuper smart he transformed, like smarter than Einstein or any of them and another who had the power of persuasion - he became an MP. I once met a lady who had the ability to change her appearance - that was really cool.

I know what you'll ask next. I do have a power? Well, yes, when I love someone, I have to ability to track them, and protect them, if it was a human, for example, I could project my vampire qualities onto them to save them. Once I fall in love though, it's irreversable. Its a blessing and a curse because it could lead to an eternity of loneliess."

"It sounds...painfully beautiful. So, um, are you in love?"

Oh I wish I hadn't asked now. He looks sad. But he's shaking his head.

"Not yet."

"Oh we're here. Uh goodbye?"

"Goodbye Ruby, I'll see you soon."

A hug. That's friendly right?...Right now don't look back. *knock knock*

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