Portal to another world

When Ruby dies she gets access to another world. One thing is different there, every creature is a blood-sucking vampire. No human can enter this unique world as venom in a vampires body lets them through. The Portal is the only way in and out.
Before she was turned, Ruby was a big fan of Twilight and she had always wondered what it would be like to be a real vampire. She soon discovers that the vampire life she wanted so much is actually living hell. Her only help through this life is a mad vampire scientist, a mysterious other and Jaden. Will she make it in this life? Read on to find out.


2. Part 1 - The accident

Ruby was running home - from her youth group - as fast as she could; her mum would be worried if she wasn't home before it was dark - her mum's sister was kidnapped when they were younger and as a result of this tragic incident Kate was very protective over her two children, Ruby and Agnes.

As luck would have it the accident only happened one street from where Ruby lived. If she hadn't been thinking about how close home was, then Ruby would have been paying more attention to the red sports car that was coming full speed towards her. As she was crossing the road she started to text her mum to tell her she was going to be a little late. There was a small pot hole in the road, Ruby's red sneaker got caught in it and she tripped. Her head hit the concrete curb and she was knocked unconscious. There was no hope: Ruby was lying in the road, her dark hair covering her face, unmoving in the dusk light.

The car slammed into something hard, but the wheels still travelled over it. There was a bus stop a few feet ahead so the driver pulled in so he could inspect the object and the damage to his precious car. The driver, James Briggs, knew he didn't see anything in front of the car so he suspected an animal of some sort. As he got closer he realised the bloody figure on the floor was a person and by the looks of it, a dead one too. He knew many of the kids around here but he didn't recognise this mangled body. He swore and ran back to his car, to get his phone, to ring for an ambulance. Even if the body looked dead there might still be a hint of hope. As he sat in his car ringing for help, Ruby took her last breath.

James Briggs was a teacher at the local secondary school. To say he was disliked was an understatement. His students didn't respect him and he didn't respect them, he was there because it was a job not because he liked it. His students were creeped out by him and the way he stared too long. He wasn't usually a coward but situations like this allow you to see some people's true colours. He looked around and saw that no one had seen what had happened so he started the engine and drove home.

As he looked in his overhead mirror to take one look at the life he had extinguished, he saw that the body had disappeared. He slammed on his breaks and jumped out of the car, but his eyes didn't deceive him. There was no trace of the girl. He jumped back in his car and hit the accelerator, he needed to get away from this madness. The girl may have disappeared, but that was not the last he would see of her.

A few minutes later the ambulance came, flashing lights and sirens blazing. They drove around the area but couldn't find any sign of an incident. They cursed the person that had pulled this hoax, and turned around.

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