Portal to another world

When Ruby dies she gets access to another world. One thing is different there, every creature is a blood-sucking vampire. No human can enter this unique world as venom in a vampires body lets them through. The Portal is the only way in and out.
Before she was turned, Ruby was a big fan of Twilight and she had always wondered what it would be like to be a real vampire. She soon discovers that the vampire life she wanted so much is actually living hell. Her only help through this life is a mad vampire scientist, a mysterious other and Jaden. Will she make it in this life? Read on to find out.


5. Pain

I'm cold. There is no warmth in my body. What if I'm dead? What if that warmth never comes back? I'm not awake but that doesn't mean I'm dead. Maybe I've had an accident and I'm at the hospital.  I feel tired. I think energy is draining from me even as I think. There is a weird fuzzy sensation on my neck. I can't open my eyes. I'm definitely not asleep. It's hard to think... Oh I'm so cold now, I'm like a block of ice.

Owww! My neck. There's a sharp pain. It's getting worse. It feels like a thousand dagger are scraping out my insides. It's spreading to my heart, now my arms...legs...and feet. My whole body hurts. Owww! I can hear myself screaming. This is unbearable.

I'm being picked up, maybe someone is going to help me. I can't speak - I'm still screaming. I need to tell this person that I am in terrible pain and that I need their help. Now. I can feel air rushing past my skin. The wind? Am I in a car? We're moving so fast. Oh that's nice, the air is warm again. It's as if I'm inside a toasty warm house. Maybe they've taken me home.

My heart, the pain's in my heart now. Oh, I'm feeling cooler, it's nice...it's spreading. The pain's easing; it's more like a dull ache. I can hear a voice,


"I know it hurts now little girl but this will ease the pain. We are sorry this has happened to you, but young Jaden didn't know this would happen. It hasn't before. When the medicine has kicked in you should be able to wake yourself up but until then you should just enjoy some quiet rest."


 I want to say thank you, you are a lifesaver.I'll say it when I wake. Maybe he is right though; I should rest. Even though I'm unconscious I still feel tired. I need to shut off the thoughts...

Well that didn't work. How can I shut off my mind when I have so many questions? I need to wake up. It's been forever! I need to wake up. Now! Try hard, Ruby, I know you can do it.

Finally, this room is...weird. There is nothing else here apart from the bed I'm lying on and a radio which is tuned in on Radio One. The walls look like they're metal, and haven't even been painted! Maybe no one uses the room?

"...oh mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind..." Oh I like this song.

I can hear people talking, they must be in the next room. Maybe I should try to get their attention. Should I call out? Okay.

"Where am I? Is anyone there that can tell me?"

The voices have stopped. Footsteps. The door is opening. A pale young man with rosy red lips has just walked in,

"Ah so you have finally woken up, I am Dr. Vanci, you are a new born vampire, this is Jaden and you are in Mundus Pars Lamia - or the vampire world to you young people."

He is smiling at me. Wait, what did he just say about vampire? He just said I'm a vampire. What the hell? This is not a funny joke!

"What do you mean by vampire?"

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