Portal to another world

When Ruby dies she gets access to another world. One thing is different there, every creature is a blood-sucking vampire. No human can enter this unique world as venom in a vampires body lets them through. The Portal is the only way in and out.
Before she was turned, Ruby was a big fan of Twilight and she had always wondered what it would be like to be a real vampire. She soon discovers that the vampire life she wanted so much is actually living hell. Her only help through this life is a mad vampire scientist, a mysterious other and Jaden. Will she make it in this life? Read on to find out.


17. Date

The next couple of weeks weren't that bad for Ruby; she spent all her spare time with Jaden and though he still had the same brilliant qualities as before, there was something different. Ruby thought she was falling for him. She watched him sometimes and her heart ached - he was so kind and thoughtful, he had a good sense of humour and it helped a little that he was totally gorgeous.

She still hadn't killed anyone (at school and while hunting) because Dr Vanci had given her supply of blood bags. 

A few times a week she met up with Darren and they talked about how life as a vampire was going. He acted very supportive, but sometimes Ruby got a little bit creeped out by him because he looked at her like she was something to eat.


"Hey Ruby, it's Jaden, I was wondering if you wanted to have a movie night like we used to? Meet me at my place at 7 XOX" Ruby was ecstatic to receive this text from Jaden. But she suddenly realised she only had half an hour. She wanted to look pretty yet casual so he noticed how nice she looked, but didn't realise it was on purpose.

Persuading her mum to let her go out with Jaden for the evening was easier than she thought. It was a Friday and she knew Ruby didn't go out with boys often. She dropped her daughter outside his house and told her, " Remember to be safe" which embarrassed her teenage daughter.


"Wow, you look ... really nice." Jaden said and Ruby tried not to blush. "So, what movie do you want to watch?"

They decided on the notebook - it was definitely more Ruby's choice than Jaden's. They were sat next to each other sharing a blanket, and as the movie passed on, they got closer and closer to each other. By the end, Ruby had her head on Jaden's shoulder and he had his arm around her. Ruby was well aware of his other hand on her knee.

"Well, that was a good movie." Said Jaden and Ruby laughed because she knew he wouldn't have liked it that much."Though, the company was better." Ruby blushed.

"Jaden, I really missed you." Now it was his turn to blush.

"I...I missed you too. I'm really glad we did this tonight." He ran his hand through her hair and left his hand lingering on the back of her head.

"Me too." 

He leaned forward shyly and Ruby followed his lead. He kissed her forehead, then Ruby moved so their lips connected. Their kiss didn't last long but it was what they felt that mattered.

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