The Other Side Of The Story

Alyssa has been always "Bad Side" in those kind of movies where this new girl comes to school and somewhere in the story the main charater,gets enemies with the "Posh Girl".Well she is the "bad Side" and this time,its her turn to shine,get the boy,get into drama.This is Alyssa's story,about her life on the other side of the story.


1. First Day Back

Alyssa drove into the schools parking lot in her black Mercedes,Alyssa turned her head to check who was comming in to school today,all of her friends were just parking their cars.Alyssa got out of the car and locked her car,it was warm,Alyssa flung her bag and walked over to her friend,just to see her coming forwards her.

"Hey Alyssa,how was your summer?"

"It was soo much fun,im going to you all about it later!"

" Awww,I Hoping that you would tell me now!"

Alyssa chuckled,"Okay,okay,I'll tell you when the others come,okay Bree?"

Bree sighed,"Anyways,have you heard that there is a new girl coming in today?"

Alyssa gasped,"Why didn't you text me that this morning!"

Alysssa suddlenly saw her other friends walking over to her and Bree,Alyssa waved them over and waited until they reached her and Bree.

"Hey Girls,did you hear?"Alyssa stopped for a second "A new girl is coming in today!"

All of friends gasped,one of them even started texting everybody body about it.All of them were so excited because they would add her to the cheerleading sqaud for senior year.

"You know what?" Charolette stopped " We can ask her to join the sqaud!"

"Great idea Charolettte,although im the brainy one here" Tess shruged.

Alyssa yawned,she was tired,it was early in the morning for her,as well for her friends.

"How about we get some latte's for ourselves from the cafeteria?"

"Sure thing Tess,That's A great idea!" Alyssa smiled,she was going to get a nice warm latte for herself that will give her energy for the rest of the day.The group set off into the school to the cafeteria,along the set of corridors filled with lockers and some early people.

They entered the magnificent new cafeteria the school refurbished through the summer,it had Macs,vending machines,cool lounging areas,comfy bar stools for the glass island in the middle of the room.They took their seats on one of the senior lounging areas.Charolette and Bree went to get some latte's while Alyssa and Tess had a chat.

"Did you see Austin on the corridor while we were walking to the cafeteria?" Tess smiled " He is soo flippin' cute!"

Alyssa smiled,she had a major crush on Austin,but she knew she was conifdent,she knew she will have him.

Charolette and Bree came back with some latte's,Bree passed them around the table.Bree suddenly spotted something from the corner of her eye.

"Guys.." Bree Squealed " Look who's commin'!"




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