Stormy Weather

Jeg ved ikke helt om jeg skal bygge videre på historien, meen nu får vi at se. Den handler om den her vild populære dreng som egentligt slet ikke har lyst til at være populær, men ikke ved hvordan han skal komme ud af den onde cirkel, da han ikke er så sikker på sig selv.


1. The strong side


Could see the water right in front of me. The wind howled past me, but I didn’t even notice it. I just stood there looking at the big waves, and the big gray clouds in the sky. The ocean had an almost gray color which made it difficult for me to tell the ocean and the sky apart out in the horizon. I could hear the raindrops joining the other ones in the puddles behind me and I could see my rain soaked clothes, but I didn’t feel the cold. It had been a long time since I felt anything.

I looked down at my feet for a second and sighed as the water ran down my nose. My black converse was falling apart and the white shoelaces had seen their last sunrise a long time ago. My mother often told me to by a new pair to wear at home, but I refused because these clothes and these shoos, was the only things I had ever bought because I liked them.

I pooled the black hoodie over my platinum blonde hair and steeped one step closer to the edge of the port, removing my eyes from my shoes and stared at the waves beneath me. I sighed again and put my hands in the pocket of my hoddie.

I looked down at my chest, down at my black hoddie with a skeleton pattern, which made it look like I was nothing more than a fragile skeleton.

A fragile skeleton was all I was.

I always pretended to be something I’m not. My mother and my “friends” controlled my life: they picked out the clothes I was supposed to wear, they told me what I liked and who to talk to and who not to talk to. In school, I always wore the “right clothes” and walked around with the “right people”.  To people who doesn’t know me, I’m the most popular kid of the school. Everyone looks up to me. And I do not like it.

Because that person isn't me…

I kept staring at the gray waves. The wind had slowed down and had almost died away. I snorted and smiled a bit at the thought of how dramatic this must look like; a teenage boy around seventeen, dressed in almost nothing but black, standing at the edge of the scour with the heels of the shoes on land and the toes hanging freely in the air over the cold waves.

It would be so easy.

For a moment I actually considered falling in to the big bed of water, that we call a ocean, just ending it all. The thought was tempting: I would never have to pretend to like those people around me, never have to pretend to be something I’m not, never have to walk around in clothes I don’t feel comfortable in.

I snorted again and whispered to myself:” Too bad I’m scared off death huh?”

I turned left and walked along the edge, towards the little beach near by the port. I kept my head down, watching the road beneath my feet, seeing how the concrete changed in to stones and then in to pebbles and then finally in to sand.

I didn’t stop before the wave line almost touched my shoes. I stopped and let my eyes wander from the ocean, to the gray clouds and then to the birds which flew freely around in the sky.

It must be nice to be a bird. To be born with the feathers you will bear for the rest of your life. All I would have to be worried about would be if I would be able to find food. And here, it was really no worries to the birds. If there isn’t enough fish for them in the ocean, then the tourist is usually more than happy to feed them.

I was so busy watching the birds, that I didn’t even notice the black haired boy standing next to me. I looked at his face. I know that you usually don’t say that a guy is beautiful, but it seemed like the only right word to describe him with. Everything about him was beautiful: his nose, his jawline, his mouth, and especially his eyes; they were that kind of blue color, which made every other color around us seem gray and dull, and made me feel calm.

He was the one kid all of my “friends” usually bullied. But unlike me, he was a strong person, so he didn’t let their childish games and pranks bother him. He and I had been friends for ages now, and I still wish I was as strong as he.

He tilted his head a little to the right and looked even more beautiful.

“You know,” he said,” Even know the clouds are covering up the sun right now, and even know the wind is cold, the sun is still shining above the clouds and the sky is still blue some were in the world. It isn’t storm twenty four-seven you know?”

I smiled a bit and nod, returning my eyes to the sea.

We stood there a moment in silence, just listening to the sound of the ocean.

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