Daddy Don't Go!

August, 1942. Just another normal day for the Thompsons, until a couple of soldiers turn their life upside down. When their father disappears into the fatal life of war, how will they survive? How will Charlie, Margaret and their mother cope without their father there, over them? Will he ever return?


2. Chapter Two;

Mother got up from the kitchen table and walked oveer to the sink. She took a glass jug, engraved with her initials, and filled it up half way with water and ice. She placed the jug on a stainless steel plate and turned around to look at the misty morning view from the window.  Her face went pale, it seemed as if she had lost control of her whole body. The glass jug slipped from her hands and shattered into millions of pieces. The iced water glistened on the cold stone floor. Father got up immediately. His calves whacked the chair and sent it flying backwards from the table.

"Mother?.." said Margaret, nearly in a whisper. Father got up and walked over to mother. He looked out the window.




Margaret and I gasped. Mother trembled and tears started puring from her eyes. But her tears soon turned to anger! She swung her arm around and knocked her cup off the table. I watched it fall to the floor. She started crying hard and collapsed!Margaret ran up and help her while I stood there clueless.



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