Daddy Don't Go!

August, 1942. Just another normal day for the Thompsons, until a couple of soldiers turn their life upside down. When their father disappears into the fatal life of war, how will they survive? How will Charlie, Margaret and their mother cope without their father there, over them? Will he ever return?


1. Chapter One;

"Shh Charlie!" Mother hissed, "stop making so much noise with you marbles!"

I sighed and looked around. Mother was sat sipping tea from a small china cup, father was sitting at our wooden piano, playing Beethoven to be precise. Margaret was sat with her head stuck in a book.

"Hmmm.." Margaret mumbled, "this book was set in 1834 and it is now 1942. So long ago yet nothing has changed."

I turned around and carried on rolling my marbles across the floor. I lay and watched them rebound off the white stone wall until it got dark.

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