Daddy Don't Go!

August, 1942. Just another normal day for the Thompsons, until a couple of soldiers turn their life upside down. When their father disappears into the fatal life of war, how will they survive? How will Charlie, Margaret and their mother cope without their father there, over them? Will he ever return?


4. Chapter Four;

"Arghh!" the sun shone right in my face. Margaret sighed.

"Face the other way then," she groaned.

So Margaret and I swapped places. We started again.

"One, two, three.." I jumped over the frayed skipping rope. Margaret was squinting, blinded by the sun. I tripped and fell. There was a moment or two of silence but then we both suddenly burst out laughing. Margaret held out her hand and pulled me up. We both continued laughing, I held my tummy from the stiches. I then realised I was suddenly the only one laughing. I looked up, Margaret looked distraught. She was looking up into the sky. I heard a rumbling noise and got a horrible feeling in stomache. I turned around and looked up, there they were, coming straight for us. I dropped the skipping rope on my worn-out leather boots.




"Mother, mother!" Margaret ran inside while I stood there gawping with shock. I couldn't manage to make myself move. Mother came outside. Her jaw dropped and a small tear ran down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away with her tattered sleeve.

"Come children, quick!" she ran over to our anderson shelter. Margaret and I followed shortly behind.

We all crammed into the tiny tin box.

"What are we going to do!? We can't cope without your father!" mother cried. "What are nazis doing flying over the country side anyway!?"

"They must be off course," answered Margaret, "don't worry, everything's going to be fine!"


There was silence.


All that was to be heard was the sound of the death machines above our heads and the loud beating of our hearts drumming against our chests.

Finally, the planes crossed. It was all over. I stepped out into the sun's rays and stretched, but the pain from my aching muscles was nothing compared to how worried I felt! We all went inside. Margaret and I went to our rooms and left mother to herself. I felt depressed. I think we all did. Eventually night fell..


I cried myself to sleep.




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