Daddy Don't Go!

August, 1942. Just another normal day for the Thompsons, until a couple of soldiers turn their life upside down. When their father disappears into the fatal life of war, how will they survive? How will Charlie, Margaret and their mother cope without their father there, over them? Will he ever return?


5. Chapter Five

I stood ouside. Looked, watched. Everyday I'd stand there and wait. Through sun and snow, wind and rain. I waited. I'd look far into the valleys, over the hills, in hope of his return, but nothing. Only the sweet sound of birds singing in distant trees. Until.. one cold, snowy morning in December. Mother and Margaret were still sleeping, although it was light outside. The skies were tinted blue. I stepped outside holding a cup and tea, warming the palm of my hands.

I stood there and waited. I sipped my tea. A snowflake landed on my red nose and sent a shiver down my spine. I was starting to get cold so I turned around and headed towards the door. I stopped, I heard something.

"It must be my imagination," I whispered to myself. But wait, I heard it again. It sounded like something shuffling in the snow, I froze. The sound was getting closer. I started to worry. I crouched down, as if to hide, and screwed up my face, waiting for something to happen. The suspense was excruciating! The sound stopped. I cautiously stood up and slowly opened my eyes.

I dropped my cup. The tea stained the pure snow and flowed through the cracks in the ice. I ran, and ran and ran and ran! And jumped, into his arms. Into my father's arms. My father,  who was home at last! I wrapped my arms around his neck and he held my tight. I started to cry as a smile grew on my face.

"Never," I whispered in his ear, "Never leave us again!"...

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