Digte der sikkert havde en mening

Jeg fandt en masse digte på en gammel account jeg havde på en hjemmeside, resten ligger i movellaen "Old Poems og Love", men da de her ikke har den ringeste snært af kærligheds digte i sig, så har jeg lavet en lille ting til dem, da jeg stadig godt kan lide dem ^_^
P.S de er på engelsk, da det var en engelsk hjemmeside jeg udgav dem på


8. M.E.


This is,

The face,

That thing I like the most,

With the lips, is the softest thing, I will ever feel,

And the eyes, have the most beautiful color, I will ever see.


This is,

The voice,

The softest thing, that my ears will ever hear,

That thing that I live to hire every day,

And that thing that keeps me bound to the ground.


This is,

The arms,

That thing that always will hold me close,

Wide and always welcoming me, in to a hug,

And they will always hold me tight, until the day that I die.


This is,

The love,

That thing that makes so much sense, but no sense at the same time,

That thing that makes me feel so weird and that thing that makes me feel so good,

That thing, that cheers me up and brakes me down.


This is,

The friends,

Those people I relay on, those people, I love, they are my other family,

These are the people I trust a 100%, those who I laugh and cry with,

Them I wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world.


This is,

The life,

That thing I live, that thing I am, that thing we all share,

That game, we all are caught in,

That thing you can’t escape, no matter what you do,

That thing I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

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