My Actor Boyfriend

My entry for Bliss magazine competition


2. My Actor Boyfriend (extended)

I sat glued to my computer screen, watching my boyfriend on BBC One.  It was a crime drama he had been given a guest appearance on.

I laughed at some of the things he said.  He’d practised them with me about thirty times, but it always seems like the first.  I always feel like he’s putting on a show just for me, though I know there are millions of other girls watching him right now.

I remember when we first met I thought he would be arrogant and narcissistic as I’d heard a lot of actors were when they weren’t on the screen, but he was just as normal as any other guy I’ve met or known.  He just pretends to be other people in front of a camera for a living.

On our very first date, we'd gone window shopping.  He didn't wear a disguise to go out in public, despite being a well-known television actor.  Strangely, not many people immediately recognised him.

I love his blue eyes; like two shards of a cloudless sky.  His sun-blonde hair seems to perpetually fall into his eyes, making me want to brush it aside.  He’s tall and fairly muscular, but not overly so.  He’s also very fair skinned, but he doesn’t burn easily. He has large hands that hold me so gently.  It usually takes something really drastic for him to lose his temper.  He reminds of my Dad like that.

On our first date, we spent the day window shopping.  After about a month, I invited him to my house and we’d watched a couple of movies; he’d fallen asleep during the second one.  He looked so adorable, like a little boy.

Just as the detectives were taking in the suspect, played by my boyfriend, for questioning, my phone began ringing on the desktop in front of me.  The caller ID said it was him.

Pressing the answer button, I teasingly said, “Hey, Mister Big Actor.”

He playfully growled in my ear, “You know I hate it when you call me that.”

I giggled at that.

“Anyway, I called because the episode is airing tonight,” he said.

“Yes, I’m watching it right now,” I replied. 

“What do you think of it?” he asked, eagerly.

I can almost see him smiling.

I made a sound like I was thinking about it, and said, slyly, ‘I don’t really have an opinion yet.”

He laughed, and played along.  “Well…I have time off starting next weekend,” he said.  “Maybe you can tell me then over lunch.”

My smile quickly became a big grin.  “I’d like that.”

“So…Saturday, our place at one?” he suggested.  ‘Our place’ meant our favourite restaurant where we went at least once whenever he had free time.

“It’s a date,” I replied.  “See you then.”

“See ya.  Bye.”

“Bye…” I stayed for a few more seconds before I disconnected the call and went back to watching the drama.  We don’t talk much on the phone, preferring to when we are face to face.

As I watched the images on the screen, I thought of how I couldn’t wait for the next weekend.

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