Slushy Mushy

A collection of poems about love; for a quick read.


1. Thinking For Girls Is A Dangerous Thing


Think for girls is a dangerous thing

Trying to deciper what you really mean

We like to read between the lines

Choosing your truths, choosing your lies

We nit and pic from what you say

Making a reality that we can play


Thinking for girls is a dangerous thing

Talk to your girl before she decide what you mean

We hunt for meaning behind your jokes

Trying to work out if we’ll really work

Over and over each word and sentence

Replaying chats to see what you meant


Thinking for girls is a dangerous thing

We think we can see more than it really means

We try to work out if you’re really keen

Or if we’re secretly falling away at the seams

Analysing your every scene

Seeing it as we’re thinking it is

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