Megan is part of The Pack. Not just a pack, The Pack. The Pack are the most feared werewolf pack around. They have the best hunters, protectors and alpha in the world but if you slip up, even a tiny bit, you are out.

The Pack have the nicest territory, the best meat and the most dangerous werewolfs around and they've never been challenged for their title, not until now.

What Megan didn't realise was how close to home the threat would come from...


6. Uncovering the past

Everybody was just silent. Some wolves looked stunned while others looked a little guilty.
"What?!" I exclaimed.
"He's right. I am your father", Ebony said, somewhat guiltily.
"Megan let me explain", Alpha said, "it's quite a long story."
"Fine." I was desperate to hear the story but I was trying not to show it.

"Well", Alpha began, "Seventeen years ago Ebony and his mate Rose were expecting a baby. Rose had wanted a child for years and she was overjoyed when she found out she was expecting. However, in the months up to your birth Rose fell sick. She was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and was encouraged to get an abortion. But Rose was determined to give birth to her unborn child. She refused all treatments that were offered to her and got weaker and weaker each day. Ebony was distraught. Seeing his mate suffer and endure all kinds of pain for an unborn child. He sat at her bed each day and supported her the whole way, even though he disagreed with her choice. The day of your birth arrived and all of the available doctors and nurses in the hospital were helping Rose in labour. It was very clear that Rose was in pain but she was trying her hardest not to show it."
Alpha cut off.
"What happened?" Jane breathed.
"She died."
"She died giving birth to Megan. Ebony was mad with this newborn. It had taken the love of his life and he wanted revenge."
"Even though it was his own child?" Zoe questioned.
"Even though it was his own child." Alpha repeated.

"I was Megan's godfather but I was so busy and I had a lot of pack responsibilities so I couldn't take care of her. So when Diona and Tom offered to adopt her I handed her over with eager hands knowing she would be safe with the MacMillians. Meanwhile Ebony was forming his own pack. A pack that would decimate us in battle. He needed an unbeatable pack because he believed Megan would be unbeatable herself. Which is why, when I heard from an old friend that he was coming, I wanted us to train and prepare for his visit. I fear the only way to stop Ebony is to kill him and the only one that can is Megan." Alpha explained.

"Wait! I'm adopted? You are my uncle? I am the only one that can kill my own dad?" I fired all the questions out at once.
"Yes, yes and yes", Alpha said,"Me and Ebony share one thing in common. We both believe you are the most powerful werewolf to have ever lived."
I almost passed out. This was far too much information to process at the same time. I was certainly not the most powerful wolf to ever have crossed this planet. I was far from it. And if I was so powerful why was I kicked out of the pack?

Everybody turned to stare at me with shock and wonder in their beady eyes. They, obviously, couldn't believe Alpha's words either.
"Alpha", I began, "I am not the most powerful wolf to ever have lived. You know that deep down too. I was kicked out of this pack because I'm not even good enough to be in it. If I was the most powerful werewolf to ever have lived I would have my own pack where I would be the Alpha and it would be an unbeatable pack itself."
"You got that right", Zoe mumbled.
I just looked at her. I was too shocked to even glare.
"Megan, you are the most powerful werewolf to ever have roamed this planet, you just don't believe in yourself enough. I see the amount of potential in you like you can see the moon in the night sky. Sandy agrees with me." Alpha looked around at Sandy and she nodded.
"Eh guys? Sorry to interrupt your conversation but Ebony's gone and he has been for about ten minutes", Tiger made known.

"Oh great!", Alpha called out, " he's probably gone to get his pack and we've been so distracted I didn't even notice! Tiger, why didn't you tell us sooner?!
"You were so busy talking I didnt want to interrupt and the story was quite intriguing", Tiger answered lamely.
"Well the journey would take Ebony a few days and then he'll need to make the journey here with his pack so we have a week or so to prepare for their arrival." Sandy said.
"Megan, you are back in the pack-"
"NO!! She can't be it took me ages just to convince her siblings to help me kick her out and now she's back! Why?!!" Zoe screeched.
Everybody now turned to face Zoe. A look of outrage crossed Alpha's face. Nobody interrupts the Alpha or his mate when they're talking.
"Zoe!!!!!!!!", Alpha bellowed.
"Sorry gotta dash", Zoe yelped, shifting and running off to her house, "See you at training tomorrow!"
"I can't believe her", Alpha muttered, still fuming.
Then in a clearer voice he announced, "Zoe's right, we should all get some sleep so we can train tomorrow. Dismissed!"

Everybody parted and went their own ways. I started walking towards the house, keeping back from the others. Then Steven pulled behind.
"Megan, I know you're really mad with us but I'm sorry. I'm so ashamed Zoe managed to convince us to kick you out. It's just we were all jealous of you", Steven admitted
"Huh? Why were you guys jealous of me?!" I said,shocked.
"Cause you're an awesome, amazing person and you know how to kick butt."
"You guys seriously think that?!" I said. Shocked. Again.
"Yeah! Everybody does. Who wouldn't?! Steven replied, smiling now.
"Well, apology accepted then." I smiled too.
"Thanks Megan. You're the best", Steven said, hugging me now.
"Now let's get inside", I declared, " I'm tired."

Even though my own dad wanted to kill me and I needed to kill him I went to bed happily that night because me and my siblings are on the same page again. Even if me and my true family aren't.
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