Megan is part of The Pack. Not just a pack, The Pack. The Pack are the most feared werewolf pack around. They have the best hunters, protectors and alpha in the world but if you slip up, even a tiny bit, you are out.

The Pack have the nicest territory, the best meat and the most dangerous werewolfs around and they've never been challenged for their title, not until now.

What Megan didn't realise was how close to home the threat would come from...


7. Preparing for battle

I was still exhausted when I woke up the next morning. I had suffered a sleepless night. When I got to bed it was cold and windy the whole night. I also heard what sounded like wolves howling round about 2.30 in the morning which was weird. I stumbled down the stairs, still half asleep, to get some light snack before going to training.

"Megan! You're up! Come on, we need to go! Training starts in fifteen minutes!", Bruce was up off the sofa and steering me over towards where my shoes were before I could even register who was in the room.
"Bruce get off of me! I can take care of myself!", I tried to make my tone stern but it only came out as a long mumble.
"What was that Megan? You know, never mind. Let's just go!" Bruce was now shoving my Ugg boots onto my feet.
"Steven! Amelia! Come on!"
And with that I was thrown out into the pouring rain,still in my pyjamas.

I was quickly followed by Bruce, Amelia and Steven, who all immediately ran towards the trees.
"Hurry up Megan! We don't have all day!" , Amelia cried.
Shaking myself out of my sleepy trance I also started to run towards the trees. Now the others noticed I was following them they shifted. I shifted. Then we all ran to training together.

"Now we don't have a lot of time before The Zandis arrive", Alpha said, " so we need to try and work quickly. For the next few days we will try and pack as much as we can into each twelve hour session so we will be ready for The Zandis."
"Wait, wait, wait! Did you just say twelve hour sessions?!" Jane asked, shocked.
"Yes Jane, I did. The sessions start at 8am every morning and finish at 8pm every evening. Is that alright with you?" Alpha turned towards Jane, raising his eyebrows in mock question.
"Yes Alpha", Jane said, ducking her head.
"Alright. First off, we are going to start working on battle attacks and important techniques that can help you get an upper hand in battle against your opponent. Amelia, Jane, Bruce and Steven, you are going to go with Sandy. Tiger, Megan and Zoe are going to work with me." Alpha then signalled for the session to begin.

We were all in wolf form, back in the clearing that we had used a few days back when we worked on stealth. It was hard to believe anything had changed since then, standing in its openness, but so much had. YAlpha took us over to a shaded spot under some Fir trees on the east side of the clearing. Then he spoke,
"My three Hunters. You all know how to stalk and bring down prey professionally. Tell me Tiger, how do you successfully stalk prey while staying hidden and silent?" Alpha asked, sounding genuinely interested.
"To successfully stalk prey", Tiger began, in a formal voice.
Meanwhile, I was rolling my eyes. Tiger was such a suck up. Always wanting to please Alpha. My uncle.
"You have to find a hidden place close to your prey, where you can be sure nothing can see you. You need to be able to move around quietly in your hidden place. To do this I tip toe on the balls of my paws. Then you wait until the prey is turned away, its guard down, before you sprint towards its back, still as silent as possible, and pounce for its neck." Tiger finished.
"Thank you Tiger, for your complete instructions that could help an old werewolf man like me." I was sure Alpha was trying to make a joke but no one laughed. Alpha then moved swiftly on.
"You are all probably wondering why I asked Tiger to explain his hunting technique."
Robotically we all said, "Yes Alpha."

"Yes, well, think of your opponent as your prey. Treat your opponent as you would treat your prey. Imagine you are starving and they are your food, imagine they killed a beloved one and you want revenge. Any way of thinking that makes you want to kill them is good but because you are Hunters you already have a good technique and I want you to use it to your advantage." Alpha expressed this in a motivating way.
I didn't want to sound cocky but when I thought of how good we are at hunting and if we treated The Zandis like our prey, we would definitely win this battle.

"Now, one at a time, you are all going to try and 'kill' me. Imagine I am one of The Zandis and treat me as your prey. Megan, you are going first." Alpha looked over at me as he said this.
Snap. I'm first. What if I messed up? Alpha is like the best werewolf fighter in the world. That's why he's the Alpha of the best pack. His claims that I am the most powerful werewolf to have ever lived would seem like foolish tales to a stranger. Alpha looked like a grey and less evil version of Ebony. I was just like a small kid compared to him. He had to be wrong. I am so not the most powerful werewolf in the world. He was probably just trying to make me feel good about myself after my depressing life story in which I 'murdered' my own mother. Or because he's my uncle.

"Megan are you ready?", Alpha questioned, looking unsure about this already.
"Ready as I'll ever be", I uttered under my breath.
Impossibly Alpha managed to hear this.
"Fight!!" Alpha roared, running towards me.
I managed to dodge Alpha just before he towed me over. Then as he turned and started running at me again I charged at him too, ready to fight.
"Ohhhh!" I hadn't expected the force of the impact. My head began to throb putting me off course. I lifted my paw and took a swipe at the empty air. Hitting nothing.Then, all of a sudden, Alpha pounced on me, tackling me to the ground. I knew that if I didn't win I would just have to fight. Alpha again and no one would want that so when Alpha made the move that would cause an unbreakable hold on my neck I spun around out of Alpha's way, evading his move.

Now was my chance. I brought my open mouth down onto Alpha's huge, furry neck and bite right into it. Alpha howled out in pain and started trashing around. I let go, not letting my instincts take control, and scampered off to stand beside Zoe and Tiger.
"Good job", Tiger said.
Zoe gaped at me. Her eyes full of wonder that quickly changed to jealously, then anger as she caught me looking.
"Well Megan! If I had stickers I would give you them all!", Alpha seemed to have recovered quite quickly from what would, for any normal werewolf, be a painful bite.
"Alpha I'm so sorry!", I squeaked as I saw all the blood seeping from his neck.
"It's fine Megan. Don't worry. I can handle a tiny gash."
"It doesn't look tiny", Zoe stated.
"Kids I don't want you to worry about me!" Alpha tried to reassure us all.
"But-", we all began.
"But nothing. Now Tiger you're next."

Tiger won his fight first time round. Zoe wasn't so lucky. She had to retry twice before she won and Alpha was going easy on her. After the battles Alpha just went over a few more techniques then we got to go home. I couldn't help but breath a sigh of relief when Alpha dismissed the session. My muscles were screaming in pain and an irritating headache was settling in after my fight with Alpha earlier.

I ran home with my brothers and sister, joking and laughing the whole way home. I had a niggling thought in the corner of my mind that just wouldn't go away no matter how much I joked and laughed. Will I succeed in the battle against my father or would I perish and be dead by this time next week?
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