Megan is part of The Pack. Not just a pack, The Pack. The Pack are the most feared werewolf pack around. They have the best hunters, protectors and alpha in the world but if you slip up, even a tiny bit, you are out.

The Pack have the nicest territory, the best meat and the most dangerous werewolfs around and they've never been challenged for their title, not until now.

What Megan didn't realise was how close to home the threat would come from...


5. Ebony

I was too stunned to move. It was like every muscle in my body had just gone into shutdown mode and I was glued to the spot, staring up into the massive, menacing face of this wolf. Looking up at the wolf I would guess it was an adult male. It had the huge, tall, muscular frame of an adult male. I was hoping I was wrong. For my sake.

The wolf just stared at me for a few seconds. Finally he spoke.
"It's you", growled the wolf in the low,husky voice that perfectly matched his appearance.
I quickly listed everything in my mind. Adult male. Quite obviously a killing machine. Big. Very aggressive looking. Then I listed my chances against him. Young female. A hunter. Small. Not very aggressive ( not counting when I'm hunting.) The odds were definitely against me.

I was so busy trying to figure out how to escape that I didn't realise it was almost a full minute since the wolf spoke. I quickly looked up.
"Um........em........... Do I know you?" I figured if I acted innocent I could try and convince this guy he had the wrong wolf.
"I know you recognise me."
"Nope. Don't have a clue who you are." I kept telling myself I needed to act cool.
"I'm the wolf. From your nightmares."
Oh my gosh! Was he a mind reader or something?! How did he know about my dreams?!
"I get the dreams too. Except I'm the hunter not the hunted." The wolf chuckled.
I was completely gobsmacked. Lost beyond words.

Suddenly a rustle was heard from a nearby bush and the wolf turned his head towards the sound ever so slightly. This was my chance. I ran. As fast as my legs could carry me and then some. But as I turned to run I caught a blur of chestnut from the corner of my eye. The blur looked, strangely,like another wolf. I ran, faster than I ever have before. Trying to navigate my way back to my house. I took me a while but I finally picked up the right scent and after another few minutes I was in the clearing my house was settled in.

As I charged into the clearing I saw the entire pack having what looked like a team talk with my parents. They all turned abruptly towards me at my entrance.
"Wolf...... My dreams............. Has them to", I tumbled all my words out at once but I was also breathless so I only managed a few key words.
"Megan. Calm down! Start from the beginning!" Alpha sharply barked.

I was just about to start my story when the black wolf sauntered through the trees.
Alpha started.
"It's you." Alpha stated.
"That's exactly what I said to Megan earlier," The wolf laughed.
"Alpha. Who is this guy?" Tiger asked, His voice full of confusion.
Alpha spoke, "This is Ebony. Alpha of the Zandis. My brother. Megan's father."
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