Megan is part of The Pack. Not just a pack, The Pack. The Pack are the most feared werewolf pack around. They have the best hunters, protectors and alpha in the world but if you slip up, even a tiny bit, you are out.

The Pack have the nicest territory, the best meat and the most dangerous werewolfs around and they've never been challenged for their title, not until now.

What Megan didn't realise was how close to home the threat would come from...


9. Déjà vu

Ebony and I raced right into each other, ignoring everything and everyone else around us. Ebony made a lurch for my foot that I barely managed to avoid and then I made a move for his hind leg which Ebony dodged too. Then,as quick as a flash, Ebony was atop my back trying to rip me to shreds, biting beneath my fur right through to my skin. One particular bite was so deep it felt like his razor sharp teeth touched my backbone, causing me to yelp out in agonising pain.

I began to thrash around, trying to throw Ebony from my back, unsuccessfully. I heard a chuckle emerge from Ebony that sent me off. I thrust myself to the ground, making sure I landed on my back, and tried to shake him off that way. This time I succeded. Ebony released his almost impossible to break hold. I leaped up from the ground, knowing I needed to use speed to escape.

Before Ebony could even move I was gone. Running through the trees like a cheetah. Leading Ebony, whom I knew was following from the constant thudding of heavy paws that were not exactly matched with my own, to somewhere far away from everyone else. Somewhere where I could hopefully,privately finish him off.
Before I could reach my destination I heard a voice call from behind me:
"Megan! Give up the running! Only cowards run away from a fight!"

Ebony's voice was breathless. He obiously couldn't run as fast as me. This made me want to keep running but I knew that if I did keep running Ebony would just turn around, finish off killing my friends and then wait for me to return before setting his pack on me to finish off the job. I stopped. Looking all around me I couldn't see any sign of Ebony anywhere. No shadow in the trees. No crunching of twigs underpaw. Not even a noise. Everything was suddenly extremely quiet. No wind, birds or even the distant battle could be heard.

Suddenly Ebony spoke.
"Megan you really thought you could defeat me?! You were wrong! You and Alpha! He managed to convince you that you were the most powerful werewolf to have ever lived!! Well guess what?! You aren't the most powerful werewolf to have ever lived! I am!"
And with that Ebony leaped from the trees taking me by surprise. I didn't even have time to respond before his teeth sunk into my hind leg, the same move I tried on Ebony, and missed earlier.
"Aaaaahhhhh!!!!" I screamed. The pain was instant. I could see the blood pouring from my leg that Ebony was still holding onto. I tried to shake him off but my leg was completely numb. Paralysed, maybe?
Instead of using my hopeless leg I brought my head around and bit into Ebony's neck. Ebony pulled away, releasing the hold on my leg. I scratched Ebony across the face as soon as he pulled away?
"Aaaahhhhhh!!!!", This time it was Ebony's chance to scream, "my eye! You've blinded my eye!!!"

I thought I had got lucky. I was hoping I had blinded both his eyes. I couldn't yet tell if Ebony was completely blind because he had reeled back about ten feet away from me and he had his two front paws over his injured eyes. Unfortunately Ebony could still see out of one of his eyes for when he finally stopped screaming in pain he opened his blazing right eye and looked straight at me. He then bellowed in fury and charged right at me. I was expecting his attack this time so I turned on my paw and ran away.

Ebony was really close to me this time. I was pretty shocked when I turned my head to see he was right on my tail. I figured his anger must have motivated him to kill me even more. I tried not to think of the fact Ebony is my father. That thought made me feel sick. I couldn't really think about anything though. I was sure if my mind wandered I would lose concentration and Ebony would catch up. I then realised if I never got far enough in front of Ebony I wouldn't be able to lose him for long enough to hide in the trees and wait for my opportunity to strike. So I tried to run faster. As my speed picked up and Ebony got farther and farther away I started looking for somewhere to hide but everywhere I ran the bushes were small and too bare to hide behind. Then I finally found a bush that was suitable for cover so I jumped behind it and settled down.

About twenty seconds later Ebony entered the clearing as well.
"I know you're here Megan." Ebony said, "I can smell you."
Oh no! If Ebony could smell me he would know that I'm hiding behind this bush. I just had to hope he would go away, or at least turn away.
I was in luck. Ebony turned around, trying to glimpse me between the trees. It was my time. Now or never. I bounded from behind my bush and leaped for my father's neck. I grabbed onto it and held onto Ebony's neck with all my might. It wasn't enough though. I was easily thrown off. I got back up and tried to run but Ebony lurched for my throat.

As Ebony bit down on my neck I had the strangest sense of déjà vu. This was what happened in my nightmares.I would be trying to run away from a big,black wolf but he would always deliver the same throat ripping bite to my neck. As Ebony bite deeper I was positive I was going to die. It was funny because I didn't really feel any pain just a sudden desire to close my eyes and give up. I was past fighting. There was no one really to live for. My mum was dead. My adopted family would get over my death. Zoe hated me. I didn't have a lot of friends. Alpha could kill Ebony. I was sure of it. But. There was a part of my head that was fighting. A part of my head that told me my adopted family would grieve over my death forever. That Zoe didn't really hate me deep down and that I had friends all around me. The pack were my friends.

I lifted my paw. It shook as I lifted it up but I had one goal in mind. I gathered as much strength as I had left and brought my claws down on to Ebony's good eye.
"Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!" Ebony growled as the vision from his right eye completely disappeared.
Letting go of my neck and staggering backwards Ebony transformed into his human self.
I had forgotten I had only ever seen my father in wolf form before. Ebony had hair as black as his wolf coat and pale skin. He was very tall and looked intimidating even without his sight. His eyes were still their piercing yellow but they didn't have the focus they once did.
"Please Megan, have mercy!" Ebony pleaded.
"Never." I said, as I charged towards the helpless human and bit right into his neck.

There was only one strangled scream from Ebony before his body went completely limp.
I stood over Ebony, expecting the guilt to come crashing down on me like a tsunami wave. But nothing came. I didn't feel any guilt just an increasing sense of relief. I didn't want to bury Ebony. I didn't want anyone to remember who he was or what he did. So as I walked back to where the main battle was situated I brought Ebony's body with me, looking for a nearby river along the way.
After a while of looking I finally found a river big enough to dump Ebony's body in. Carefully I dropped the dead body to the ground and, without saying a prayer,dumped it into the murky brown waters.
I arrived back at where the battle took place at dusk. I wasn't even sure what to expect. Would everybody be dead?

As I ran into the clearing something furry and blond bumped into me.
"Megan! Thank goodness you're ok!" Zoe looked extremely relieved.
"Zoe! I'm fine! Are you sure you're ok though?" I asked puzzled by Zoe's sudden change in behaviour.
"I'm absolutely fine! I thought you were dead!!" Zoe said.
"I thought you hated me?" I was really taken aback by this.
"Oh Megan! I'm sorry I was so horrible to you! I was jealous of your ability and your friendliness and your humor!" Zoe explained.
"You were?!" I was baffled.
"Yes! But I'm over it now! I'll try and be nicer to you! I promise!" I was afraid Zoe would now become clingy.
"Ok Zoe! Is everybody else ok?"
"Well...... Not exactly. Everybody else is at your house. I was the only one who waited for you."
"What do you mean not exactly?!" I was now scared.
"Well........ You'll see when we get there! Let's go! Hurry!"

"What happened?!" I yelled, as soon as I got into the house
"Megan", Sandy said, "We think Alpha is going to die."
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