Wind Kill The Rain

The night Molly was killed, she discovered another world which lead her into many surprises, like meeting drop dead gorgeous Carl, an angel from Heaven. But when she meets Dean, a secretive, handsome being also in Heaven, she is torn between the two, even if she doesn't show it. Then Dean shares his secret with her. After Molly's reactions, she realises that part of the war between Heaven & Hell is her fault. Who will take victory over their enemy?


4. Chapter Three


My white converse crunched at the pink stones below. The wind whipped at my hair, which waved wildly, and my knee-length dress circled my legs. Carl didn’t think much of the weather, he continued pointing and talking about passing buildings. Maybe we’re leaving the main town till last.

“This is The Angel’s Arms.” Carl said, smiling proudly up at the pub.


  The Angel’s Arms is painted white, just like the rest of Heaven, with black wooden panels lining the walls. It looks much like a Tudor house. Now and again, a few pieces of ginger straw would leave the roof and attack my face. A black wooden sign hung above the old wooden door. On the sign were gold hands, twisted round each other to finally show the holding hands. A gold wing sprouted from each hand.


  Carl walked towards the pub and peered through the window built into the door.

“It’s open.” he called.

I curtsied humorously as he held the door open for me.


  Inside, the ceiling was low and the lights were not that bright. I flapped my hand about a little, the musty smell was invading my mouth. I coughed.

“You get used to it, I promise.” Carl laughed.

  I frowned, not getting it. I followed Carl up to the bar and perched on one of the high black stools. Carl pressed a light golden bell on the counter. The tinkling sound must have alarmed someone because the sound of footsteps over-powered the old country music.

“Cherub!” Carl exclaimed.

  A dark haired boy, around the same age as Carl, in looks, emerged from behind a wooden beam. His eyes are also gold, like Carl’s. His face had a dark unwelcoming expression.  

“Molly, this is Cherub.” Carl said.

I forced a wistful smile and raised my hand in greeting.

“Wow Carl, you’ve found a looker.” Cherub frowned.

“What?!” I said darkly.

“No Cherub, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, Molly isn’t my girlfriend, she’s a newcomer.” Carl explained.

“A feisty newcomer, I see.”

  I jumped off the stool. If this angel’s gonna treat me this way, I’m not sticking around to hear it. I headed for the door.

“Don’t...leave.” Carl lowered his head.  

  I let the door slip out of my grip and turned to face him. Cherub was whispering something to him. I glanced at the chalk wall menu board.

“I’ll have a banana milkshake.” I muttered.

  Carl smiled, biting his lip.

“We don’t do banana milkshake Miss.” Cherub grinned.

  I looked at the menu board again.

“OK then I’ll have a... Creme’ Truffle Milkshake Delight.”

And then I remembered I had no money.

“Molly, don’t worry, I’ll pay.”

“How?” I asked, deciding to test it out.

“I read minds, all of us do.”

  I nodded. Many tables were scattered around The Angels Arms. I dodged some of the tables and reached a Tudor window, in front of it stood a round oak table for two. I pointed at the table when Carl glanced my way.  He smiled in agreement. I heaved out one of the red velvet and oak chairs and fell back into it. I fingered with the daisies in their thin vase while Carl waited for his order. A few minutes later, he returned, carrying an oak tray. He set out a glass in front of me and a sandwich.

“I thought you might be hungry.” He shrugged.

“What is this?” I asked, picking up the sandwich and examining it.

“A sandwich,” Carl laughed, “Cheese spread. Creamier than what you’ll be used to, of course. Sometimes we eat the same to you, or we change some of the recipes Earth have.”

  I nibbled a corner of the sandwich.  The taste invaded my mouth. I greedily took another bite.

“Good, isn’t it.”

“Yeah, unusual, but good.” I smiled.

  Carl took a swig of what looked like coffee, watching me as I ate. I looked up at him, into his golden, warm eyes. Carl did the same, gazing into my own eyes. I’m not sure what colour my eyes are, brown or gold, but right now I don’t really care. Our gaze held for what seemed like hours, but we came back to real time as I dropped my head. I stirred my Creme’ Truffle Milkshake Delight with my simple silver spoon.

“So... now that I know there’s a real Heaven, what about Hell?”

  Carl froze, dropping the Creme’ Truffle Milkshake Delight covered spoon. His eyes seemed dazed, staring straight past me.

“Carl, are you...okay?” I shivered.

  Carl blinked.

“I’m fine yes. Yes there is a Hell, you’ll learn more about it at Angel College.” He said quickly.

“Angel College? Tell me about it.”

“No... it’s a surprise, for tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?!” I shrieked.

  Carl tried to hush me. Of course I went to high school, but I hadn’t even applied for this Angel College.

“Don’t worry. We’ve had your name down for a few months. Some of us angels can see the future.”

  I started biting my nails.

“Hey! Leave some room for your Creme’ Delight!” Carl exclaimed, laughing a little.

I laughed with him. “Actually, I’m stuffed, now where do I live?”


  Carl and I continued crunching along the pink stone ground, except, the weather had cheered up a bit. Carl pointed at a few places but mainly focused on walking. At last. A two floored cottage stood in front of us. Just like The Angels Arms, it was Tudor based, thatched roof and black wood panels. Even the door was the same but of course, no sign.

“After you.” Carl grinned, holding the door open.


  The smell of comfort filled my nostrils as I entered the cottage. On the left was a cosy living room with an ivory leather sofa filling up one whole wall. A large flat screen TV hung on the wall opposite the sofa and on the left side of the room was an open fire. Decorating the floor was a white shaggy rug.

“It’s lovely!” I exclaimed.


  Carl led me through a doorway into a welcoming dining area. A very large table is placed in the middle, six chairs surrounding it. Scenes and sights from Heaven were hung on the walls and a cream poufy sat in the back corner. The top of the table is decorated with a vase of white tulips, cutlery and pristine white plates, cups and bowls.


  The kitchen was painted white with oak floorboards. Every sideboard, drawer and cupboard is oak wood. The sink, fridge/freezer, oven and toaster is white too.


  I followed Carl upstairs and past a white leather armchair on the landing to the first room on the left. Inside was a study room/office. At the back of the room is a simple white desk with a matching office chair, the sort that spins. Behind the desk is a wall decorated with two large white bookcases. Each shelf has thirty square boxes in them to arrange books and folders. Another white leather armchair sat in the right corner, near the door.


  The bathroom is painted just like the all the other rooms, oak floorboards and white walls. The toilet, bath/shower and sink is white too. Black and white framed photos were hung on the spare walls.


  Carl opened an oak door to show me a fairly small room. It’s a guest bedroom. An oak wardrobe stood next to the large window . On the left side of the window was the headboard of the guest bed. The bed frame is oak wood and the duvet and mattress are ivory coloured. A ten box white shelf stood at the end of the bed.


  Finally, my bedroom. Painted just like the rest. A super king size bed stood at the back white wall. The bed frame, like the guest’s bed frame is oak and the duvet and mattress ivory. An oak wardrobe stood in the corner of the bed’s opposite wall as did an oak chest of drawers and a dressing table, just like the one’s in the mysterious four poster bed room. I lied down on the bed staring at the three tier modern white chandelier.

“So... what do you think of the house?” asked Carl lying down next to me.

I shrugged. “It’s cosy, I like it. A bit simple in colour though.”

“All of the houses here are decorated like this.” He replied.

“Is your house?”  I said, turning my head to look at him.

“Well, my house is, different. It has a few hints of black in colour.”

“Oh. That’s cool. Are you like... a rock angel or something?” I smiled.

Carl laughed. “Actually, yes! Me and a few of the guys here have an angel rock band. The guys like, live with me. It’s horrible, even though we have our own bathrooms and bedrooms.”

“I’ve never favoured living with friends either.” I pulled a face.

“We have to share a study too,” Carl continued. “it’s full of charcoal shelves, the sort that you’ve got. Just be prepared for college, Molly, you get tonnes of homework.”

“Don’t worry, I’m used to high school homework overloads. Hey do you wanna like... hang out, after college tomorrow?” I replied.

Carl’s face fell. “I can’t. I’ve got to practise with the guys, our first gig is coming up faster than we expected...”

“Can’t I come along. I think I need to meet these guys. It’ll be fun, I can hear you play your music.”


  Carl got off up the bed and walked across the landing heading for the stairs. I rolled my eyes and reluctantly followed him. Carl was leaning against the door, his eyes shut in what looked like agony. I put my cold hand on his shoulder. He didn’t move.

“Are you OK?” I whispered.

 A couple of minutes passed by. Carl opened his eyes, turning to me.

“Yes I’m fine. You’ll find out tonight, if you watch the TV.”

“What about seeing you play...” I said quietly, dropping my head.

“Maybe. We’ll see tomorrow. I have to be off now, do my duties for Queen Jemima.”

“OK. Bye Carl.”


  The door shut behind him. I sighed longingly at the door. That evening, I had no idea what dinner was. Instead of cooking a proper meal, I whipped up a roll with some fresh bread from the breadbin and a jar of creamy cheese spread from the cupboard. Of course, the roll didn’t taste half as good as the sandwich I’d eaten at The Angels Arms. After my small dinner, I wandered into the living room, bare foot, and sprawled on the sofa. Nothing much was on the news, until the programme was interrupted. I sat up straight. The same beautiful queen appeared on a gold and cream throne, a worried expression on her perfect face. I looked closer at the TV. Next to Queen Jemima stood a young slightly tanned teenage boy with blonde hair that slipped into his eye. Carl! A few unrecognisable angels stood by the Queen’s side. Jemima slowly stood up, closing her golden eyes to show her white eyelids.

“Heaven, I am very sorry, but we are in deep trouble.” she spoke sternly, but softly.

“A war has been assigned. The Devils have stolen our Royal Halo and have forced us into war. Whoever wins this war will keep the halo. New lessons at our community college have been arranged. Students will learn how to fight, if they don’t know already, the key features of an angel, how to kill an angel, the key points of a devil, how to kill a devil and much more...”


  The screen crackled a fuzzed, then turned to black. Red letters flashed onto the black screen.


Said the red letters.

  I gasped. Suddenly, the black screen flashed onto a different scene. A pale teenage girl with midnight black hair tied back in a messy ponytail grinned deviously at the screen. Her eyes, I noticed, were bright red and her lips, slightly pink.

“Angels...” she sniggered. “They like to let everyone know their stupid plans before they’ve even happened. If you’re sick of this, then come to Hell. No rules. No parents. Well, the only rule is, there is no rules! Come and join us!”


  The screen flickered and the girl with the ponytail disappeared . Queen Jemima and Carl reappeared.

“Henna, this is not going to happen. Our plans have changed, and just to let you know, we are going to win this war!” Queen Jemima spoke loudly.

The sound of angels whooping echoed in the background. I smiled, but not for long, the girl with the ponytail reappeared.

“So... when is this war going to begin, why not... let it start now! Or do you need to get your facts right and teach your weak population to fight. Devils are born with the ability to fight. If some of you angels, maybe... join us, then you will be sure to win. Newborns of your kind or whatcha call um, newcomers are easier to destroy so you better watch out.” Then she disappeared.


  I grabbed the TV remote and pressed the off button. Why did I have to die at this time. Maybe I could figure something out. Hell did sound quite fun, but I belong here, in Heaven, and I’m not giving up my new life for something completely different. I could hide but the Queen would probably round everyone up, search the whole of Heaven with her armies. Queen Jemima looks a very smart and powerful girl, for her age, mind you, she’s probably hundreds of years old, like Carl.


  I rose from the sofa, stretching, and made my way upstairs. I raided the bathroom for toothpaste. Do angels have toothpaste or do their teeth stay naturally white? I guess I’ll just have to make do a night without toothpaste. I tied my hair back into a messy bun and removed my eye make-up. Tomorrow, I think I’ll make an effort and do the rock chick eye, for Carl.










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