Wind Kill The Rain

The night Molly was killed, she discovered another world which lead her into many surprises, like meeting drop dead gorgeous Carl, an angel from Heaven. But when she meets Dean, a secretive, handsome being also in Heaven, she is torn between the two, even if she doesn't show it. Then Dean shares his secret with her. After Molly's reactions, she realises that part of the war between Heaven & Hell is her fault. Who will take victory over their enemy?


14. Chapter Thirteen

  We charge through the gate and onto the path made of nothing. Other angels run past me but I stay at my own speed. After a minute or so of pure nerves, we enter a large gravel area surrounded by towering trees. The leaves falling from the trees are orange and are on fire, when they reach the gravel ground, the crumble into ash and join the other leaves. This is clearly our war zone.


  For one minute, it is silent, the next, there is a gush of wind and a whole army of devils in un-protected clothing are waiting. I recognise two faces, one I can make out as Henna, the queen of the devils. The other, I don’t want to say his name. He glances at me and then our eyes are locked. His eyes are full of guilt and unhappiness, I think he is trying to apologise. I can feel my eyes conjuring up warm tears full of anger and rage.

“Greetings, Henna.” Queen Jemima says.

“Oh, hey.” Henna snorts.

“I knew this day was going to arrive soon.” Queen Jemima relaxes a little.

“Yes. I’m sure you already know who will win this battle, we will!” Henna laughs. The devils behind her jeer at us, except for one.


  Then it begins. The angels charge at the enemy as does the devils. I load my bow while I run and pull back the string. One down. I sprint to the devil’s starting point and dive behind a tree. I gain a few scratches from the bark but I manage to start climbing. I clamber into the high nest of the tree and load my bow again. I end up pulling the string back three times and each time, succeeding. I spot Queen Jemima defending herself from Henna with a sword. Then I see Carl, ducking and stabbing with his spear. I shoot at Carl’s enemy which falls to the ground, dead in a few seconds. Carl stares in the direction of the tree and spots me. He quickly beckons to me. I leap from the tree and back onto the gravel ground. I load my bow again and shoot. The arrow strikes the back of a devils leg which sends blood trickling down it’s thigh. Then it falls to the ground.


  I search the arena for Gwen. I find her perched in a branch on the angel’s starting point. Her weapon is aimed at me. It flies through the air and I dive forwards. It catches a few strands of my hair and pulls at them. But I know that isn’t real pain. I send one of my arrows her way. A tear forms in my eye as a body with a head of blonde hair falls from the same tree. By now, most of the devils have disappeared but quite a few angels remain. I see Carl tackle a devil who dodges and turns my way. I load my bow but it’s too late. I dive to the right and curl into a ball. The devil missed and clumsily didn’t pause before the tree. Oh dear. The only couple fighting now are Queen Jemima and Henna. The other devils have fled into hiding and the other angels are examining angel bodies or are hiding. I quite load my bow and aim for Henna’s leg and succeed, after the spear is stabbed into Queen Jemima’s middle...













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