Wind Kill The Rain

The night Molly was killed, she discovered another world which lead her into many surprises, like meeting drop dead gorgeous Carl, an angel from Heaven. But when she meets Dean, a secretive, handsome being also in Heaven, she is torn between the two, even if she doesn't show it. Then Dean shares his secret with her. After Molly's reactions, she realises that part of the war between Heaven & Hell is her fault. Who will take victory over their enemy?


2. Chapter One


Then I saw it. A golden light, glowing brighter than the sun, blinding me. Except, my eyes didn’t force me to turn away. Nor did the light burn at my sight. It took what felt like hours for it to arrive. It floated gracefully towards me, smiling in welcome.


  I studied its perfect face, the curved line of its jaw bone, the smoothness of its skin, its fair hair, flopping gently over one golden eye. It wore an ankle length white gown, giving a glimpse of pristine pearl converse. My eyes fell on two most unbelievable features. A glowing golden hoop circled it’s head. Sprouting from its shoulders, a pair of white feathery wings.

“Welcome, Molly.” He murmured, holding out his arms.


And then I fainted.

Wild thoughts scurried around my head. Is he someone I know? Why is he wearing all white? What is he?






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