Wind Kill The Rain

The night Molly was killed, she discovered another world which lead her into many surprises, like meeting drop dead gorgeous Carl, an angel from Heaven. But when she meets Dean, a secretive, handsome being also in Heaven, she is torn between the two, even if she doesn't show it. Then Dean shares his secret with her. After Molly's reactions, she realises that part of the war between Heaven & Hell is her fault. Who will take victory over their enemy?


10. Chapter Nine

  I slept for at least two hours that night Dean stayed in my cottage. Every time I closed my eyes, there were pictures of Carl betraying me, past, present and future. Voices in my head echoed bad things about him, saying that he is no good. I’m asleep now, finally, my mind peaceful, silent, banishing Carl of my thoughts.


  I wake an hour later to find Dean’s head hovering over mine. I scream. Dean takes my shoulders, trying to calm me. Then he scoops me up into his arms and carries me down the stairs and onto the living room couch. By now, my screams are only quiet whimpers.

“Molly? Molly! I need to tell you something, but you have to trust me.”

I recall the moments when we held hands and he told me to be careful. When he pulled me out of the oil. “I trust you.”

“Good. Well, you can’t tell this to anyone, not even your guardian angel. Promise me you won’t tell anyone.” Dean is saying everything really quickly, like he’s in a rush.

“I promise.”

“I have to leave, now. Heaven is not my original world, I don’t belong here, my race doesn’t have enough power to keep me here. They will lose me if I don’t get out of here soon.”

“Dean, I don’t understand. You’re like me, an angel. You belong here now. Earth was my original world as well as yours. Dean, it’s okay, you’re fine here.” I say, my eyes half open.

“No! I’m not an angel! I don’t belong in Heaven because I’m a devil! From Hell! Don’t you understand Molly, I’m bad. My race is trying their hardest to destroy your kind. And I have been helping them, spying on the link they’re most determined to tear apart, the one they know won’t give up. You.”















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