Wind Kill The Rain

The night Molly was killed, she discovered another world which lead her into many surprises, like meeting drop dead gorgeous Carl, an angel from Heaven. But when she meets Dean, a secretive, handsome being also in Heaven, she is torn between the two, even if she doesn't show it. Then Dean shares his secret with her. After Molly's reactions, she realises that part of the war between Heaven & Hell is her fault. Who will take victory over their enemy?


5. Chapter Four


  Carl walked through the bare streets of Hell, the ash burning at his white sneakers. The brightness in his eyes seemed to have disappeared, leaving them a lifeless orange shade. His hair was knotty and messed up, tumbling lazily, covering his face. Thick black eye liner surrounded his eyes in large ovals. Surely, this couldn’t be Carl. A girl, maybe a few months older than me, stood waiting for him, her weight lying on one leg. Her ash and silver coloured hair fell messily below her shoulders, her face almost hidden.

“Well Done, Carl.” She whispered in his ear.


   She threw her arms round Carl’s neck. Carl didn’t move. He seemed, almost, soothed by her touch. His eyes were shut, exposing his midnight eyelids. His gold eyes returned. Her stare was directed right into them. Carl looked like he was growing weaker. Her red eyes were gaining strength. Carl dropped to his knees and curled into a ball.


  I came running from god knows where, heading straight for Carl. I crouched down next to him. I hugged his arched back, my head on his shoulder.

“Carl,” I whispered. “Come on Carl, stay strong. Don’t let her dominate you.”


  Carl shook from beneath me. The ash haired girl walked over to us, her pale hands on her thin hips. Her expression was a mean happiness. Her long eyelashes stood out, lining her ruby eyes. She bent down to whisper in my ear.

“He’s mine!” she hissed, straightening back up.


  Carl’s head threw back, his mouth open, screaming. I hushed him as best as I could, but it didn’t work. His gold eyes had turned to an amber shade. Then I realised what was happening. I shot a hateful glare at the girl. The girl kicked some of the ash my way. Carl returned back to his first position. I let my hands slip away from his back. I lied down next to him, my eyes shut.


  I felt some of the ash brush over my arm. I opened my eyes. Carl stood close to the girl, her arm resting around his neck. I sat up. Behind the couple stood Cherub, shooting a jealous look at Carl and the girl. I stood up and looked around. Some of the faces I saw while Carl was showing me around were there too.

“You’re the only one left, Molly. The rest of you has given up. Surrendered. You’re the only one left to fight.” The girl laughed.


  A man, about 20 in look-wise, strode out from the shadows, his red eyes gleaming, his cape flowing, his messy hair tangled, his square jaw bone tightening. He’d come to destroy me.


  I span round more angel faces appearing, their wings drooped. Queen Jemima stood, hand-cuffed, near where the man had emerged. All the angel’s heads were bowed down to the ash ground.


  I looked once more into Carl’s eyes, hopefully. They were red. I stood with my head down, like the others, my eyes closed, waiting for the end of my second life to come.







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