Wind Kill The Rain

The night Molly was killed, she discovered another world which lead her into many surprises, like meeting drop dead gorgeous Carl, an angel from Heaven. But when she meets Dean, a secretive, handsome being also in Heaven, she is torn between the two, even if she doesn't show it. Then Dean shares his secret with her. After Molly's reactions, she realises that part of the war between Heaven & Hell is her fault. Who will take victory over their enemy?


12. Chapter Eleven

  I throw myself out of bed and walk over to the white cabinet in the corner of the room. I find a white, short sleeved, thin top on the top of the cabinet with LOVE printed on it in black. A white, thick tank top sits on top of it. A pair of black shorts is folded next to it and two white baseball boots lie on the floor. I dress quickly and hop into the bathroom, still trying to get one of my shoes on. I grab the white wash bag that perches on the side of the sink. I brush my teeth, wash my face with a single make up wipe and apply three coats of black mascara and thick black kohl eyeliner. Today I just know, is the day.


  I march down the silent corridor, thoughts and memories spinning round in my head. It isn’t only Carl and Gwen who have betrayed me, Dean has as well. Dean asked me to promise not to tell anyone and to trust him. I broke our trust and our promise. I am the sign of war. I have caused the worlds of Heaven and Hell to collide and rise war. It is all my fault. I reach a glass door and gently push it open to reveal many stairs flowing downwards. I run down the stairs, surrounded by white walls, then I burst out into the open.


  I stand outside the entrance to the hospital for a few minutes, breathing heavily. If I announced the start of the war between Heaven and Hell, shouldn’t angels be crowding the hospital to see me, praise me, thank me sarcastically or maybe even kill me. But there are no angels in sight. Not one. Maybe they’re all hiding, afraid, unless this really is the start of the war... Oh no.


  I dart from the spot I was standing at and into the deserted car park. I crash through the ticket machine’s automatic gate and onto the main road. Still no one about. I don’t stop running. This is all my fault. I should’ve been smarter back on Earth. I should’ve fought for my survival back in the darkness where I was shot. Suddenly, the memory of my death became clear and I could almost see it running towards me, roaring through the air. The memory caused such pain that I had to stop. I sat by a road sign, panting.

“I want to die.” I say, tears threatening to spill.

A calm, whispering voice answers me. “Don’t be silly, Molly.”

“Mom?” I cry, tears dribbling down my face.

A new, deeper, relieving voice chips in. “Molls, don’t cry, pull yourself together. You’re my girl, my strong, sensible girl. Don’t give up.”

My tears freeze on my face and turn cold. “You’re right, Dad.”

“Molly! Get up right now and do your world a favour. Do it now!” My favourite teacher’s voice shouts.


  I immediately obey and get up and continue my run back to the village. Signs nearby point out that I’m in Fairness, the nearest town to where I live. I carry on sprinting until I see the pink stone ground of the village. I still see no one. I jog through every street and every alley till I’m about to give up. Where can everyone be? Heaven is huge but surely there isn’t someone in Heaven big enough to fit the whole population into. Then I realise. I follow the route that Carl took when he gives me a lift every morning. I finally end up at my college. The car park is full of cars of all types but only a few colours. I smile weakly, out of breath. I walk into the school to see the corridors buzzing with angels. I make my way to my first Science class and kick the door open.


  Fifty heads turn my way. Mr Isma frowned at me. An immediate wave of whispers cartwheel all over the room.

“Hush!” Mr Isma barks.

“I’m...sorry. Shall I go?” I ask.

“No, no. Take a seat Miss Rivers. This is probably the most important information for you in particular to know before we go off to fight.”

I take a seat next to the person I most definitely do not want to see. Carl.

“Hey.” he whispers.

I ignore him, then say: “So... where’s your girlfriend?”

“Molly... don’t start.”

“Yes I will start. You said I could come to your practise then, suddenly, you were too busy with one of my supposed to be friends. You were kissing, Carl. And that hurts!” I yell childishly.

“Molly why are you getting mad, why does it hurt?”

“Because I love you!”


  The whole class is silent while me and Carl stare into each other’s eyes. Then they explode into applause. I wanted to yell that I’m not joking but I keep silent.

“Oh Molly. Carl says, throwing his arms around me. I cry into his shoulder.

“Right back to business. No more drama okay Molly?” says Mr Isma.

I nod in reply.


  First we learn the basic tactics of fighting, dis-arming and killing a devil, then with an angel. Then, Mr Isma marches us down to a secret underground training centre. We choose weapons such as bow and arrows, spears, swords, knives and other related objects. I learn to use a bow and arrow to kill in different parts of a devil’s body. After the two hour lesson, we move to yet another training centre and learn survival and first aid skills. We spend fifteen minutes on each activity. I accidentally tie another student that I don’t even know up a little too tightly. She had to be transmitted to the previous training centre to be cut out with a knife. Finally, the afternoon ends and breaks into night.












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