Test Week Consequences

My hands are now aching- True Story


1. The One and only chapter.


Test week was finally over, so all that was left to do, was worry about the marks we got…

It had been one stressful week of Exams, after Exams, after Exams. I was lucky that my head didn't explode in confusion. Although the Tests seemed to last an eternity, the Revision lasted longer. The Teachers had to punish us by giving us a half term Holiday just before the Exams, so instead of relaxing, we would have to study hard indoors, away from all the excitement happening outside. I was glad that I didn't live near anyone who seemed to be enjoying the holidays, as I was sure that I would feel Jealous. 

We had already received our English results, and I had come top of my class with 95%. My comprehension and composition practise had paid off apparently. There were also rumours going around that I got 100% in the Maths non-calculator, but I don't believe anything until I get evidence to back it up. I was hoping it was true though, as Maths was my favourite subject, and I wanted my revision to be reflected in the marks (which was not evident in History).

Now that all that was over and done with, I would be able to enjoy the Summer Holidays in Peace, hopefully. I had until Next Year, when the Year 8 End of Year tests started and I would have to gruel through another traumatic week. But for now, it seemed like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and I would be able to forget all about it. The only souvenir of Test Week was my aching right-hand which hurt every time I strained my wrist.

I can only imagine what will happen during GCSE, or even A-levels! My only hope is that my current school will prepare me for the tasks ahead...

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