In Love With A Celebrity,For Bliss Magazine

About how I pretend to fall in love with Niall Horan Please note it is quite short as it can only be 300 words


1. When I fall in Love With Him.

I suddenly entered a unfamiler dream,the ones where their is new setting and youve never been there before. I was sitting backstage at a one direction gig unfamiler with the sound of screaming girls.But then they all walked past Harry,Liam,Zayn,Louis and Finally Niall.My heart suddenly stopped skipping a beat.Then Niall suddenly stopped asking me the All important question. "Hi,you look like a lonely girl,are you ok?" asked Niall in his sweet irish voice.

"Yeah im fine" I repiled "Shouldn't you get going anyway"

"Yeah I should really..." Exclamied Niall " but I was wondering if you would like to meet up for dinner tomorrow." My life suddenly stopped the boy who I dearly loved was asking me out! "Yeah Sure" I whirspered .He then suddenly reached out a pen and wrote his number on my hand.

The dream suddenly came a distance memory as I woke up.I turned to lift my right hand up and it had a number on it,slightly smudged but still readable.Then I knew it was not a dream but reality and that I loved Niall Horan.

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