The House

I dont really know what to say about this story i wrote so please comment as honestly as you can.


1. Those eyes.

With eyes like a hawk he watched me stroll along the path, his body too round like a plump tomato to follow me. His button nose smelt the air as if he were a bloodhound, the moonlight shined off his head for he had no hair and I watched him. Nervously. I pondered to myself, what would he do next?

He glumly tried to stumble over to me but didnt quite make it. He muttered under his deep, husky breath "Ahh my back" as he sat back down on the log he had rose from, he stopped. And stared for he did not recognise his surroundings.

The aroma of a close by log fire filled the air with a warm and homily feeling. I could hear the hooting sound of an owl, perched on the branch above my head and the snapping of twigs behind startled me.

I looked down along the path that seemed to go on for miles, all I could see were old oak trees and cracked dry mud coating the ground.

I turned around and looked worriedly into the blackened forest, all I could see were hundreds of glowing eyes. All seemed to be staring directly at me. Blinking in unison. Were my eyes deceiving me or was i really witnessing this?

I started to feel anxious and wonderedd what on earth was going on. I began to make up little stories in my head to calm me down, pretending that the eyes werent eyes but were in fact mystical beings but this time, I was too scared as I knew something wasnt quite right with this situation.

Then. The forest went silent, no hooting, no rustling, nothing. Dead silence. For a moment I thought time had stopped, nothing seemed to be moving but it wasnt until thousends of birds flew over my head, that I realised.........

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