The Dress

Prom is a week away and lilly has found the perfect dress.Everyone in her year is going and this may be her only chance to catch that certain boy's eye but that certain boy already has a girl and she's the leader of the plastics.How will lilly be noticed when she has to compete with little miss perfect???????


1. Searching

Walking around the shops I couldn't find anything I liked until I saw this shop.This shop was at the part of town with loads of run down stores and graffiti on the walls so not many people notice it but I did.The shop window was what caught my eye.It had a sparkly background and some of the most pretty dresses I had ever seen.I just had to go in.I begged my friend molly to come in with me and I had to drag her in but it was worth it.The minute I walked in I found the perfect dress.It was a long midnight blue one with silver sparkles all down the front.There were even matching shoes!!!! I just had to get it.I looked at the size and it was my size. I tried it on and it fitted prefectly. i walked out to show molly and she was impressed."Wow lilly You look lovely .Wish I had a dress like that."I took it up to the cash desk to buy when all of a sudden martty smith walked in with nick tyler on her arm.For those that don't know martty smith is head of the plastic's and nick tyler is head of the football team and martty's boyfriends.Practully every girl in the school has a crush on him, including me.I payed for my dress, grapped molly's arm and ran out of the door and I swear just as I ran out martty picked up the same dress as me!!!!!

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