Forbidden Love at the Old Oak Tree

Rose had never felt more alone in the world than the day of her father's funeral. Set in the late 1800's this story tells the tale of a forbidden romance between an upper class girl mourning the death of her father and mistreated servant boy, Danny. Every afternoon the meet at the secret old oak tree which for centuries has been the meeting place for starcrossed lovers, forbidden to be together...


2. Rose and Danny

Rose and Danny had always lead entirely different lives. Rose was the daughter of Edwin Smithton and Jenny Cooper. Edwin was a well respected solicitor living in London. He had moved to London in 1872 as he wanted a new chance at life, and needed a fresh start. Edwin had grown up in a small village in Cumbria where nothing much happened and that was where he met Jenny Cooper.Jenny was the daughter of James Cooper, a doctor, and Augusta Lennox, and lived in London until her parents death in April 1974, when the 21 year old moved to the village in Cumbria in search of a quieter life. Edwin happened to be visiting that summer of 1874, and met Jenny at a market. After a whirlwind romance the couple married at the end of the year and had Jenny in late September 1875. Edwin was wealthy and the family lived in a grand London townhouse overlooking the Thames. Rose had always had the finest toys and dolls as a child and was lavished with countless beautiful dresses as she grew older. Miss Primrose was appointed as Rose's nanny, then governess when Jenny Cooper died he week after Rose's 10th birthday. Mis Primrose was very kind, and had a good heart, but Rose was never truly happy when she was with Miss Primrose.  Although she was a good teacher Miss Primrose scolded Rose for the smallest of things. Rose was no longer allowed treats at the weekend like she used to, never allowed to talk with friends. Rose always felt quite alone in the world. Rose's father was away on business a lot and Rose was never happier than when he came home in good spirits and she could spend time with him.

Danny had an altogether different upbringing. He had been born  Dublin in 1873 to Sean O'Leary and Mary Sullivan. Sean was a factory worker and was arrested in 1887 for being part of a strike. Mary was unable to provide for 14 year old Danny on her own and sent him to England to work for the Ramdens, who at that time lived in the country, but moved to London two years later. The Ramdens were kind to Danny and fed him well, but still expected a lot of him. He was to muck out the stabls every morning and evening and care for the horses, which enjoyed greatly. He hated the long, tiring farmwork he had to do. Rose and Danny were a very unlikely couple, from two different worlds!

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