As the city prepares the revolution, Gerard is torn between choosing to fight alongside his best friend or leave with the girl he just met.


28. The Final Battle: Gerard

After Ramin had been shot he had discarded me and sent me to see Sierra. I wanted so much to go but I knew our freedom would help so much more. I love her so much and soon I will see her. We have lost a lot of men but they still keep attacking. It will all be over soon. Ramin still hasn't recovered fully but if he could be here he would, no matter what I say.
We readied ourselves for what could be the battle to decide our fate. There were prayers, chants and tears.
"Hold arms!"
Positions locked, guns loaded. Sweet Jesus protect her. And bring me home. Let me see her again.
"Ready yourselves. Fire!"
It was now or never. Men ran over the barricade guns blazing. And being shot down as quickly as they stood. Flags were flown showing our rebellion. Blood, tears, explosions. Peace.
There was nothing. Not a sound. Not a whimper. No cheers. No guards. It was all over so quickly. All my friend.
I buckled and fell to my knees sobbing.
"Oh my friends, my friends! Forgive me." I whimpered. slamming my fists into the blood soaked mud. "That I live and you are gone." I stood up and ran. I ran so far. We had won but at too greater cost. I ran to the only person I could go to. Sierra.
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