As the city prepares the revolution, Gerard is torn between choosing to fight alongside his best friend or leave with the girl he just met.


14. The City: Ramin

We made it out of the woods. More to the point alive. It hadn't taken long. We arrived before midday.
The city was beautiful. You could see the tallest of buildings in the distance. We were nearly there. I pulled in my black sleeveles jacket and shouldered my pack. The five of us set out into the city. I could gather people here, start a rebellion, finnish the Central for good. Soon but that would take a bit of time. All I really needed to worry about now was not getting caught.

We reached a bar. It was full of people our age. Maybe we could fit in here, make some friends. Maybe even find rebellion volunteers. I could live on hope.
I sat down next to a man about my age. He was tall and had light brown hair. He was wearing a scruffy green shirt and a red neckerchief. His trousers were brown and were ripped in the knees.
"Hey. We are new in town and..." I stopped because of tue way he was looking at me. He seemed to recognise me.
"I know you. You are that guy from the Central no the Darkor area. You escaped. Your face us everywhere! My name is Hadley by the way. You have a friend right... Gerard! That's his name. Look I'm guessing that you need somewhere to hide. Are there many more of you?"
"Yes and hello. I'm Ramin and yes this is my friend Gerard. There are three others. Do you know anywhere we could stay?"
"I can keep you at my apartment. I live there with my friend Lauren."
We chatted for a while. We became good friends over the next week. I found that he hated the Central as much as me as did his friend Lauren. He even agreed to form the rebellion with me. The Central will be destroyed.
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