As the city prepares the revolution, Gerard is torn between choosing to fight alongside his best friend or leave with the girl he just met.


7. Speech: Lily

It was getting dark and cold the only light was coming from the torches and the screen.President Javer wore the black suit that he always seemed to wear. My mother and father were stood on the stage alongside him. He tapped the microphone to test it. Then he spoke the speech he had been given.
"Ladies and gentleman, people of the Central and Darkor. We have all been gathered here today to see the merging of the areas. To see the people of the Darkor area work alongside those of the Central. Tomorrow morning the areas will officially become one. The Central. We will greive the General for times gone by but we will all look forward to a fresh start. Think of this as a new chapter of your life, a new chance to exell in work. All that will be possible when you wake up tomorrow morning."
Sierra stood next to me accompanied by her father. She has long blonde curly hair that she wore down. She was wearing her best dress. Blue with silver embroided flowers. She was beautiful, she always had been. I was wearing my normal clothing, a long tattered brown skirt, white vest top, a scarf and my old brown cap that was slightly off the back of my head. No one who didn't know me would guess that I was a land owner's daughter. I broke the law several times before too. I went to the Darkor area, I knew alot of people there. I met Gerard there. He lives with his friend buti have never met him. But I like Gerard alot he is kind, smart and funny and I think I love him. Does he feel the same?
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