As the city prepares the revolution, Gerard is torn between choosing to fight alongside his best friend or leave with the girl he just met.


5. Murder: Ramin

I looked at Gerard sternly.
"What do you mean we are not going? But we have to it's punishable. Central punishment. That's usually!"
"Gerard!" I cut him off "We are not going. I will not be forced to go! They are already making their threats to show who leads the area now!"
Gerard ran his fingers through his short curly brown hair. His palms were sweating. But I wasn't going to go. They did not own me. I was my own person. Ramin DeBeck. I remember the time before general Darkor bought the area. I was 9 my mother was still alive then and working in one of the Central factories. My father had died after he stole a loaf of bread. The Central had given him a public whipping and he bled to death. I remember it most nights and I can never forgive them. I dont think that the general died naturally either. Some how I knew that the Central were behind this. They didn't like the general, they never had, all they wanted was the people and nothing could get in there way. I will stop that.
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