As the city prepares the revolution, Gerard is torn between choosing to fight alongside his best friend or leave with the girl he just met.


4. Invatation: Gerard

I sat at the kitchen table by the fire. Ramin was not yet home from work he was still angry when he left to work on the farmland by the river on Darkor's land for the last time. I was alone with only my thoughts to keep me company, and they weren't helping. I kept having the same questions come up in my head. What will happen to us both? Will we still be friends? Will he still protect me?
Only the knock at the door stopped me from thinking and made me jump. I lifted the latch and unbolted the door. It was a warm day in the area. The gentle breeze hit me as I opened the door to a Central guard. He was dressed in uniform. A navy blue trench coat with matching trousers and long black lace up boots. He said nothing but handed me an envelope. He turned and left just as Ramin came to the door.
The rage came across his face when he saw the guard. He watched the guard's every move like a hawk.
As soon as the guard had left our street Ramin marched up to the door concerned.
"What is it? What did he give you?" he sounded nervous as if he was to blame for something.
"It's an invitation."
I read the invitation out loud. It read ' Dear reader, you are required to attend a public meeting at the square to discuss the Central's plans for the area. Failure to attend will result in punishment '
"We are not going"
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