As the city prepares the revolution, Gerard is torn between choosing to fight alongside his best friend or leave with the girl he just met.


2. Home: Gerard

It was early morning when I got up. I looked out to the same view of the city that I had seen for the last 23 years of my life. The same rooftops, same people, same stalls. Even the same smokey smell flooded my nosterals.
I pulled on my old work shirt, brown trousers and black worn boots that were more comfortable than the day I got them. And went into the kitchen Ramin was eating an egg that he probably stole from the market this morning.
Ramin is 6 years older than me and has dark brown hair that is almost black and deep blue eyes like the ocean. He is well built and has his way with the women of our area. I on the other hand don't. We are very opposite people but we get on like brothers.
"Gerard! Come over here," Ramin calls from the kitchen table. "It's Genneral Darkor."
"What's happened!" I snap back unintentionally
"He," He paused to think about what he could say to male this easier. "He's gone. Forever. Leaving the people in the hands of the Central. Slaves. We will all become slaves again. I am not going to go back that way!" Ramin could hardly keep the anger out of his voice.
"He's dead? But how? Why? He was fine! But," I was trying hard not to cry. General Darkor was head of the area, he was our only defence against the Central. Without him we would not have jobs or homes because the area was his land and we all lived and worked there. Now the Central could claim his land and we would work for them. We would have to do every little thing they say the would literally work us to death.
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