As the city prepares the revolution, Gerard is torn between choosing to fight alongside his best friend or leave with the girl he just met.


20. Building: Gerard

Anything and everything was being used to build the barricade; chairs, barrels, wood, metal, everything. The whole city was bow surrounded by this barricade wall. It had taken us through the night to build but we got it done. We would fight tomorrow for our freedom. We would bring down the Central. Each of us doing it for someone or something.
One of the men approached me. They were shorter that most if us. He had hair the same colour as Lily's and the same skin tone.
"Gerard. It's me Lily."
"What are you doing here!" I tried to keep quiet but failed.
"I've got to go. I will explain later." She fled back to the city leaving me to owner what she was up to.
As it got later I went back to see Sierra my fianceé. She wished me good luck and told me she loved me. I kissed her and told her the battle would be over soon. Then I left to see Ramin. He was ready for the fight tomorrow. So I stayed with him just as I used to. The battle was tomorrow and I needed some rest.
It's funny how a battle can bring people together in acts of love. Myself and Sierra and Hadley and Lauren. Maybe tomorrow we could all go home.
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