Things get difficult for Taylor Janssen when her home is bombed by those who control it. She is forced to become a strange mix of superhero and assassin. Her best friend is Alex, but she makes friends with a fellow hero, Alice, and the techie, Matt. But not all is as it seems...


3. The Explosions

And then the square exploded. Bombs were being dropped on us. I was pelted with shrapnel. Alex grabbed my hand and began to run. Already people were dead. And they didn't care. They kept dropping the bombs, beginning to target the few survivors from the first explosion. One went off, right beside us. We were thrown against the wall. Alex managed to get his arm around me, and I felt it crack as we hit the wall. He cried out. Another went off, sending more shrapnel my way. A shard of metal gave me a nasty cut along my ribs. I pressed down on it, trying to stop the bleeding. All the time, we kept running. We didn't know when we could stop. Eventually, a bomb knocked us off our feet. Alex dragged himself up, but I just lay there. I was feeling light headed, my ribs really hurt, and I hurt all over. "Taylor, get up!" I thought Alex had run on. "Taylor! They're still bombing!" He obviously hadn't. "Taylor Janssen!" He ran back and leaned over me, obviously fearing the worst. He threw himself to the ground, wincing as he caught himself with his broken arm. A bomb went off, a few feet behind us. Alex took the hand that wasn't wrapped around my side and pulled me to my feet, just as a bomb went off right behind us. 

We weren't killed instantly. The sheer force of the blast sent us flying. We hit the ground hard. I felt something break. I just hurt too much to specify what. The fact that I hit my head and knocked myself unconscious when I hit the ground didn't help either.

My head felt a little clearer when I woke. Still alive then. I looked over at Alex. He was giving me the same look. I heard a plane fly over. Maybe, just maybe, if they thought we were dead, they wouldn't bomb us again. Alex obviously came to the same conclusion as I did, because he closed his eyes. I did as well. 

I don't know how long we lay there. But eventually, I thought that I had lay there long enough and I was going to sit up. My shirt was covered in blood. But I wasn't dead, and I wasn't light headed, so I presumed it looked worse than I actually was. As I sat up, two people were walking the street. They were looking for survivors. They saw me sitting up, and Alex was just waking up. I heard them talking excitedly, and radioing for medical personnel. But the light headedness was beginning to kick in, and I wasn't aware of much after that.
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