Things get difficult for Taylor Janssen when her home is bombed by those who control it. She is forced to become a strange mix of superhero and assassin. Her best friend is Alex, but she makes friends with a fellow hero, Alice, and the techie, Matt. But not all is as it seems...


5. The Experimentation

But, our euphoria was not to last. They called me out of the apartment early the next morning. Luckily enough I was awake. I was driven to a top secret location. And when I say top secret, it was so top secret they blindfolded me as I got into the car. When the car stopped I expected my blindfold to be taken off. But instead I was dragged from the car by rough hands. When I tried to struggle someone punched me in the stomach, hard. When they eventually took off my blindfold, I was strapped to a table. A young guy put a mask over my face and I realised they were knocking me out. Instead of relaxing, I tensed up, not knowing what they were going to do to me. Panic began to flow through my system and I began to struggle. Again, I was punched in the stomach. I looked at the anaesthetist.  It was a shame he was working for the bad side. He was kinda cute.

I woke up feeling like hell. My stomach ached. My head ached. I expected to be back in my apartment, but I was still in the lab. They began doing things to me, to see how I reacted. 

To test my endurance, I ran on a treadmill at top speed until I fell flat on my face with exhaustion. When that didn't please them, the began quizzing me. When they got to the stage of me not understanding the question, they realised my intelligence was only slightly above average. They done multiple other tests to me. Eventually one guy got fed up and threw a scalpel at me. I instinctively put up a hand to stop it and it sliced my hand open. The other scientists began screaming at him as I stared at my palm in horror. Funny, but it looked worse a few seconds ago. Then I realised. It was healing. Very slowly, but a hell of a lot faster than a regular human. The  scientists looked at me. "Oh my God! It's got increased healing!" one rushed over to examine my hand. It was still a fairly nasty gash, but I wasn't going to bleed out anytime soon. 

So when they realised my capabilities, they began testing them. After I had been shot in the leg once, stabbed in the ribs twice and beaten up several times, I began wishing I wasn't there. And then, just like that, I wasn't. They began shouting, thinking I had somehow got away. And then I reappeared, just to confuse them. They soon realised what I was up to. So when I done it again, they fired a dagger at where my ribs used to be. Or rather, still were. I connected with a thunk, and I pulled it out. Not gone, merely invisible. The scientists were about to start kissing each other with excitement. 

Eventually, after several serious injuries and one situation where I nearly died, I was allowed go home. I was blindfolded again and the guards took pleasure in throwing me around, knowing I wouldn't be injured when I got back to the apartment. 
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