Things get difficult for Taylor Janssen when her home is bombed by those who control it. She is forced to become a strange mix of superhero and assassin. Her best friend is Alex, but she makes friends with a fellow hero, Alice, and the techie, Matt. But not all is as it seems...


2. The Experiment

I met some other people my age as I left the apartment building. We nodded to each other. Nobody was quite sure what to say. Everyone was dressed simply. I found my friend, Abby. She was as tense as I was. We marched to the square, where a stage had been set up. At every entrance to the square, there was a table taking names. We lined up and eventually got to the table. The woman sitting there looked like she really didn't want to be there. "Name?" She said as I got to her. "Taylor Janssen." She flicked through a list. For one heart-stopping moment I expected her to pull out a gun and tell me I wasn't on the list. But she crossed off a name on the list and I went in. 

We had to sit in alphabetical order. I was under "J". A fairly small category, as you can imagine. I took my seat and resisted the temptation to kick the chair in front of me up a bit. There was probably five hundred teens in the city. So the chairs were a little close together for comfort. "Sup." I heard a voice say. It was Alex Johansson, one of my friends. "Hey dude. Are we the only two in our group?" He nodded. "Edward Johnson turned eighteen last week. So, how's things with you?" I went to answer, but then there was a screech of feedback from the microphone. 

Someone on stage began to speak. "Welcome, teenage citizens of..." I began to zone out, then forced myself to tune in. "We have gathered you here today to make an important announcement." I noticed the police gathering around the perimeter of the square. "We would like all of you to be involved in an experiment to see what makes a real superhero." This received laughter from most of the crowd. However, this quickly died out as the police force was noticed. "Testing begins immediately." The stage and police quickly disappeared. I looked at Alex. This couldn't be good. 
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