Things get difficult for Taylor Janssen when her home is bombed by those who control it. She is forced to become a strange mix of superhero and assassin. Her best friend is Alex, but she makes friends with a fellow hero, Alice, and the techie, Matt. But not all is as it seems...


1. Before It All Began

The fire ripped through the buildings. I was running, trying to escape the inferno. Yet everywhere I ran was engulfed in  the fire. And the flames were hissing at me. "You are not indestructible."

My eyes snapped open. The roof was intact and definitely not on fire. I sat up slowly. Even better, the room wasn't on fire. I could hear my mom moving around the kitchen and the voices of the tv. No screaming. Also a good thing. It had just been a dream. And hopefully it would remain that way.

I went into the kitchen. My mom plopped my breakfast down in front of me. Cereal and orange juice. My usual. "Thanks, Mom." I began digging in. She watched me with a look on her face. I swallowed. "What?" She shook her head and looked away.  "No, seriously, what did I do?" I asked. "It's not something you done, honey. It's just... The city wants all teenagers in the square at midday. Attendance is mandatory. Honey, I don't like the sound of that." My mom was always skeptical of the city. And she was right. In other places, not attending a mandatory function might mean a metaphorical slap on the wrist. Here, it could mean an armed police officer at your door. And our police officers carried a hell of a lot more than Tasers.

So, at quarter to twelve, I pulled on my black jeans, white t-shirt,  and white Converse. I brushed my brown hair back into a ponytail. I looked perfectly respectful. They couldn't single me out for looking different. They had done that to one guy once. My mom had warned me beforehand. But this guy had a band t-shirt on. In ordinary life, that would be perfectly acceptable. But not at mandatory functions. Next time I saw him he had a broken arm and a black eye. 

My mom hugged me goodbye. There was always that fear, whenever somebody went to a mandatory event. There was always that chance that they mightn't return.
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