In a world similar to ours, a girl moves to the little town of Abuto, a place where she will discover her destiny. This girl is the key to the most essential thing in the world. Soon enemies emerge to kill her, while allies appear to stand by her side. Love, friendship and loyalty will all be tested. Eloise has no idea what she has just arrived to.


1. New home,


I looked out the window, at the town stretching in front of me. Ichtaca, a tiny town with about two thousand inhabitants. I knew I was going to  be miserable here, at the same time i knew that I was moved here for my own good. The attacks had been getting worse, and my former psychiatrist told my parents that my meds wouldn't be enough in such a big city, that I would need peace around me to get better. I think he just gave up on me, like the four others before him.

"Sweetie are you ready yet? It's your first day of school, you don't want to be late!" my mom shouted from the kitchen. I sighed and dabbed on a bit of lip gloss, before heading downstairs.

"Mom would you stop with the happy voice already? This place is gonna suck, I know it, nothing interesting is going to come out of it." I said, and grabbed the lunch money she held out.

"You don't know that, this might turn out to be the perfect place for you. You'll see it will get better." she winked at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Whatever." I said and headed outside. I walked down the street, passing house after house, all of them suburban and all of them just far enough apart so that you could still talk over the hedge.

I reached the school and headed to the admissions office to get my schedule. The school was tiny, no more than two hundred students. I got my papers and headed to my assigned locker. Students hanging out around the lockers eyed me suspiciously. I guess in such a small town you really notice the new kid. I had a little trouble with my locker, but i managed to get it open, dust whirred out and i sneezed several times before i could get a look at the inside.

"You must me Eloise." someone said from behind me. I jumped a little in shock, but turned to face this girl. She looked pretty normal, sandy blonde hair, big brown eyes, like a puppy.

"Yeah I am." I said.

"I'm Amanda, the student body president, and also the welcoming comity. I'm here to answer any questions you might have, and show you to your first class." she sounded overly excited, I really wasn't much for that type.

"I don't have any questions, and the lady at the front desk already showed me where to go, sorry." i said, shut my locker and walked around her. I was bitch at first impression, and i knew that. I looked down at the map of the school and followed the line she had drawn to my first class. I wasn't looking, and before i knew it i had bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" i exclaimed,

"That's quite alright, but next tie watch where you're going." A chilling voice said, i looked up and an uneasy feeling crawled down my spine. He was obviously a teacher, but that didn't make hum any less creepy. Completly calk white in the face, with black slightly greasy hair, combed back into a ponytail at his neck, and his attire? Black, all black, black jeans, shirt, tie, sweater and even black rimmed peepers. His eyes were also black, and i could have sworn i saw a bit of red in there.

"Yeah he's super creepy, you really wanna stay out of his way." a girl said, gestured to the teacher. "His name is Daren Ward, but of course you'll want to call him Mr. Ward." she said and looked after him with an odd stare. Like she knew there was something wrong with him. "Anyway, I'm Luna.

"Hi, I'm,"

"Not to be rude, but i know who you are, and if we stand here any longer we will be late for class." she said and headed off in the same direction Mr. Ward headed.

"Right." i mumbled, feeling like i just missed a big part of the conversation. I got to Biology just as the bell rung.

I had gotten through about half the hour when the door burst open, and two very off looking people walked in

A man and a woman, both dressed in all black, just like Mr. Ward. This was just really weird.

"We'll need to see Eloise Force outside." the woman said, with a stern, and frankly, scary voice.

This was beyond weird.

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