In a world similar to ours, a girl moves to the little town of Abuto, a place where she will discover her destiny. This girl is the key to the most essential thing in the world. Soon enemies emerge to kill her, while allies appear to stand by her side. Love, friendship and loyalty will all be tested. Eloise has no idea what she has just arrived to.


2. Chapter 2

"Eloise Force." the man added.

Everyone was silent, not a sound. Then, slowly, everyone's eyes landed on me. These two people were apparently complete strangers to everyone. What could they want with me? I had only been in town for a week.

"Yes, well, Eloise go with them." the teacher said, i could feel her voice shaking. So i wasn't the only one freaking out.

I got up slowly, walking towards the door. They moved aside to let me pass.

We walked in silence for a while, before i got up the courage to ask.

"Who are you? And where is it I'm going?" my voice was quivering, i thought for a second that i saw a small smile playing on the woman's lips.

"Well we're here to escort you to our master. My name is Marcus, and she is Nina." The man said in a playful voice.

"You mean like the headmaster of the school?"

"Sure, i supposed he is." Marcus said, i could hear a chuckle come from Nina. I didn't ask anything else, we simply walked, just as we were to turn a corner, someone behind us cleared their throat.

"Where exactly are you taking her?" Marcus and Nina froze, all signs of amusement gone. All three of us looked back. It was her. The girl who had talked to me, after i had bumped into Mr. Ward. What was her name?

"Luna, what a surprise." Marcus said, with a stale expression. Something was different about her, Luna. She looked different somehow, not her appearance, but her radiance was different, like she glowed, almost literally, like she was full of energy.

"It shouldn't be, I've been here for quite some time, but i guess Apollyon didn't even think to mention me. Now i don't think you'll be going anywhere with her, let her go and you won't get hurt." she said. I wasn't part of this conversation, but i could feel anxiety crawling op on me. Something was wrong here, this wasn't a joke, but it couldn't be real, could it?

"You think you can overthrow us both?" Nina said, with an amused expression on her face.

"Well maybe not by myself, but then it's good i brought friends." At that i could heard the hard, steady click-clack of high heels on the stone floor of the hall way. I was the only one looking behind us again. It was a woman. Dressed in leather  from top to toe. black hair, put up in a high ponytail, dangling down to her shoulder blades. Green light radiating from her hands.

If i was just a little scared before, i was terrified now. My heart was thumping harder and harder, my pulse getting hyper, what the hell was going on? Why did Luna just ask them to release me? Was this some sort of joke?

"Laila, this is a surprise, I didn't think you joined the good side." Marcus said, I could hear the slight dissapointment, as he took in this woman.

"Oh don't you worry Pharzuph, I'm not fighting for them. I just want to live, that's all." she said, her voice was raspy, dark and dangerous, yet it managed a playful tone. I didn't like any of this, or any of them, and they had all seemed to forget me.

"Selfish, right until the bitter end." Marcus smiled. "And that end will be very soon. "Nina" and I have some business to take care of, and i suppose we will just have to dispose of you two first." He said, and as he pushed me back he and Nina stepped forward, and right before my eyes they changed. Both of them, their skin melted away, seeping into the greenish scales that manifested all over their bodies. Wings, real scaled wings unfolded and they both filled  the entire hallway now. Luna and Laila both moved as well, before i knew it, Nina had pounced on Laila. I thought she would die, as i saw the razor sharp talons on Nina's fingers, but i underestimated her, she moved like a shadow, bobbing Nina'a attack swiftly with a twirl, before she spun to hit Nina in the face with one of her glowing fists. Marcus had Taken on Luna, who now stood with her own bluish-white glowing fists and readied herself.

This was surreal, i was sure that i was dream. I started to back up, ready to run. but then someone came from behind me, and grabbed me around the waist. I was about to scream, but a cloth quickly found it's way to my mouth, it also covered my nose. I breathed in desperately, but instead of thin air, it was an awful smell, i tried coughing, but couldn't. I felt like i was drowning, slowly slipping from the conscious, before I finally passed out, green flashes were the last thing i saw.

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