Old Poems of love

Jeg har haft en bruger på en anden skriver hjemmeside, og der har jeg udgivet en masse digte. Jeg har ikke den bruger mere, så jeg syns lige at jeg ville dele de bedste med jer!
P.S de er på engelsk...


11. Without an explanation


If you leave without an explanation,

My heart will break,

If you leave me with tears in my eyes,

They will turn in to blood,

If you leave me hire on the cold floor,

I’ll freeze to death,

If you leave me to myself,

Without telling me why,

I will die a little inside.

But if you’re sure that we are not meant to be,

Then you should at least leave me with a reason.

If I have the reason,

There will only be left a crack,

If you leave me with the reason,

The tears in my eyes will be made of water,

If you leave me whit the reason why you left me,

I can raise myself from the floor again,

If you leave me for a reason, and tell me,

My body will be able to regain the heat and heartbeat,

And I will be able to keep going.

So grow some freaking balls, boy, and tell me the reason why you are leaving me behind!!

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