Old Poems of love

Jeg har haft en bruger på en anden skriver hjemmeside, og der har jeg udgivet en masse digte. Jeg har ikke den bruger mere, så jeg syns lige at jeg ville dele de bedste med jer!
P.S de er på engelsk...


13. Waiting room

While everyone is out there,

Making new friends,

Is it here in my room alone,

Just thinking about you.

But really,

I don't care for them,

I tell them that I'm happy for them,

I am...

Am I not?

I guess that I'm a bit jealous,

But I have my own friends,

Real ones,

And I'm really thankful for the ones I have.

Everybody is in love,

They are all out there getting it on,

Falling in love and all,

And then there is me...

I'm just sitting hire,

Alone in my room,

Waiting for you to come back,

for you to come and love me.

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