Old Poems of love

Jeg har haft en bruger på en anden skriver hjemmeside, og der har jeg udgivet en masse digte. Jeg har ikke den bruger mere, så jeg syns lige at jeg ville dele de bedste med jer!
P.S de er på engelsk...


1. My love


My love

Here I sit by your side,

While I feel your hands soft on my skin,

I feel your soft lips against mine and

I look into your bottomless eyes,

Where only you know what exists.

The dark blue sea dominates our sight

From the Bench under the willow.

I look at the sea and then at you,

And I let my hands glide into yours.

You whisper your sweet words in to my ears,

And make my daubs melt away.

I look at you and know that this is right.

Yes, I sad, when you asked me to take me home.

We walked hand in hand as we followed the road.

I looked at you and asked you silently,

When we were going to meet again,

But you simply smile at me and then I knew the answer,

Because when we go apart at my front door,

Is it just to meet again in sweet dreams.

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