Old Poems of love

Jeg har haft en bruger på en anden skriver hjemmeside, og der har jeg udgivet en masse digte. Jeg har ikke den bruger mere, så jeg syns lige at jeg ville dele de bedste med jer!
P.S de er på engelsk...


5. How you should be feeling after a good brake up


I feel so cold,

I feel left alone,

I don't miss you,

But I miss the love...

I feel a need,

I don't recall needing it before,

But I now it is love...

I feel so depressed,

It feels like something is missing,

I don't know what it is,

But I know it isn't you...

I feel so warm on the outside,

I feel so cold on the inside,

I don't like feeling this way,

But I know that I don't want you back...

I look so happy on the outside,

I look so glad with that fake smile on my face,

I sound so happy with that voice I have learned to use,

But apparently no one sees the sadness that is stuck in my eyes...

I know that it was me who ended it,

I know that it was the right thing to do,

I think that deep down in your heart you know that too,

But sometimes I still can feel your soft touch on my skin...

So I guess that I am just going to live with this feeling,

I think it is going to last for the rest of my life,

But no one can see that I need another,

So no one else will come to replace you...

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