Old Poems of love

Jeg har haft en bruger på en anden skriver hjemmeside, og der har jeg udgivet en masse digte. Jeg har ikke den bruger mere, så jeg syns lige at jeg ville dele de bedste med jer!
P.S de er på engelsk...


8. Forgiveness


I think of you,

And feel the guilt,

I want to make it so much better,

I want you to forgive me.


I think of you,

And what you said,

I want to make it so much better,

But I can’t,

Because I don’t know how.


I think of you,

And the happy times we had,

I want to make it so much better,

But I all you want is the memories,

You think we are over.


My tears fall to the ground,

But it doesn’t make a sound,

I do a sob and look up,

There I see the most beautiful face I have ever seen.


You stand beside me,

My angel,

Smile a carful little smile,

And look me in the eye.


“I know now that I was wrong,

I’m sorry.

Can you forgive me?”


You look me in the eyes,

Smiling back and give me a hug.


“Of cause I can forgive you,

I cannot exist without you,

I love you,

my angel.”

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