When the children go missing

When Jack has an argument with his parents he and his little sister are locked in their room, never to see their parents again. A gigantic storm breaks loose and floods the entire of the family's land, Jack and Libby escape and are forced to go into care against their will so they run away.
I got my inspiration from hearing stories of children who run away from children homes and are never seen again. Sadly my inspiration is something that happens and no one knows where these runaways go, but it's certain that it's not good news.


1. The punishment

“I didn’t do it!” Jack shouted angrily as he ran upstairs holding Libby’s hand whilst dragging her upstairs with him. “It’s not my fault! You never listen!” He was 13 years old and constantly arguing with his parents, particularly when it involved his sister. Libby was just 4 years old but very well spoken and clever. Jack stood up for her no matter what she did wrong, even if she did rip up his precious poster, signed by David Beckham. But this time the argument wasn’t about Libby, the family farm’s sheep had escaped and as usual, Jack got the blame. “That’s it!” Simon (the father) yelled, “I’m fed up with your laziness, your selfishness and your stupidity!”

“I’m not listening!” Jack retaliated as he pulled Libby into their room and slammed the shut.

“Jack, how long are we going to be in here?” Cried Libby quietly, the one thing she hated more than anything was her big brother shouting and getting shouted at. “I don’t want to stay in here.”

“Not for long, only until Dad calms down.” Jack new that after about an hour or two his Dad would be settled enough to be able to talk to decently.  “But Jack.....” CLICK.

“Shush..... What was that? Was that the door?” Slowly Jack walked over to the brightly painted white door and turned the handle. It didn’t move. He tried again and again then again whilst pulling at the same time. “It’s locked! Dad’s locked us in!”

“Jack!” Libby was pointing to the window. Quickly this time, Jack moved over to the window and looked down. The window overlooked the yard where the pigsty was and in the distance you could see the country lane which went in a straight line for two miles and came out next to the local post office, on the edge of town. Just in time he saw their mud covered blue Land Rover driving away up the hill. “Mum’s in there too, where are they going?” Jack wondered out loud, her turned to Libby, “They’re going out and they’ve left us locked in here!”

“Sit next to me, I’m scared.”

”It’s going to be ok. Mum and Dad will be home soon, and then they’ll take us out for an ice cream.” They sat in silence for a while on the cream coloured carpet. Jack didn’t dare tell Libby about what he saw on the news, but he somehow knew that he would never see his parents again.

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