Wolf wishes

Be careful what you wish for.........that's what Stefan was always told, but he never listened. Only one came true and now hes sure the others will too. The one he really wants to come true ; not to be a werewolf. Stefan dreams of being normal and going to school like any 15 year old, but being a werewolf has it's faults. Only when he meets Isolde does he really wish he was normal, but wishes come at a price.


1. The transformation

Stefan ran through the trees, adrenaline pumping through him. He was furious, how could his friends say that being a werewolf was a gift, an amazing gift past down by ancestors. It seemed that only Stefan suffered from the consequences of being a werewolf. His eyes glistened with tears as the wind whipped around his face, the wind running through his hair like hands tousling the fine tawny coloured strands. The trees that blanketed the forest, loomed over him,giant, dark monsters with there sharp fingers catching on his clothes and ripping them to shreds. Stefan could feel the tranformation starting, his steps started to lengthen, taking long strides as he felt himself starting to sprint, getting faster and faster. His bones rattled, getting larger making his skin bulge, tawny fur begginning to sprout out, first on his arms then his legs, finally on his face. Long ears grew from his scalp, claws sprouting from inbetween his paws. Stefan growled in joy to himself, the ups of being a werewolf was that you felt so free, just running through the forest. The dirt squelched under his paws, rain had been falling for 3 days in a row only breaking momentarily. He heard the faint trickle of water, suddenly realising his dry tongue. He licked his lips, running as fast as he could. He rounded a corner suddenly holting as he smelt something. Prey. He lapped at the river, watching fish dart under the river bank, hiding from his sharp teeth. He hated eating raw meat but he hadnt eaten much for 2 days. His vision, smell and hearing summed up into amazing hunting skills. He started to track the animal awaiting him, winding in and out of trees. He suddenly felt his pace slowing, his hearing becoming useless and his claws retracting into his paws. He was transforming back into his human form, while in mid chase. Stefan was confused, he didnt know why he was transforming. He tried to stay with the wolf form, trying to quicken his pace.He howled as he's human bones started to replace the wolfs and he struggled at the strain of Turning back to his human form. Stefan tripped over a log, somersaulting and hitting the ground with a big thud. He lay there his eyes closed wishing he could call for help.
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